When playing for keeps, you need the right gear to capture a leaping lion or a flock of exotic birds. You need a rugged, heavy-duty and solid base whilst still being comfortably lightweight. You need a Badger Gear Bean Bag.

What is a Badger Gear bean bag?

Badger Gear bean bags are made of top-quality materials that can endure the heavy use that wildlife photography demands. Similar to a honey badger, a Badger Gear bean bag’s legs are rugged and strong which rates it perfect for supporting the weight of heavy lenses. The bag is filled with plastic pellets to keep its good form and the firm base yet flexible base perfectly moulds over the door of your car or a bird hide for extended, stabilised shooting time.

3 Reasons why you need a Badger Gear bean bag

1. Shoot in focus

Being a wildlife photographer, going on safari is your shooting ground and will mostly take place from a vehicle, either driven by you or by a guide. A beanbag gives you the stability you need to photograph nature in its full glory.

Think about it… lifting a Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM lens on a game drive and focusing handheld is an impossible task! You are also not built to support both a lens and your body while lying on the ground. Whether shooting from a ledge or the waist down, you need a Badger Gear bean bag for support.

Badger Gear Bean Bags
Badger Gear Bean Bags

2. Get close to subjects

Many wildlife photographers will agree that the best images are shot from the car windows and since many animals are used to vehicles driving around, they often don’t flee as fast, which makes it easier to get close to the animals.

Ingrid the leopard and her Badger Gear friend
Ingrid the leopard and her Badger Gear friend

Read how Ben Cranke, while on a Tusk Photo tour, got very close to a young female leopard called Ingrid, who found a liking in a bean bag.

3. Travel light

A great benefit of Badger Gear bean bags is that you can travel with it empty, enabling you to minimise your luggage weight (especially great when flying), and fill it upon arrival at your destination. You can easily unzip the bag and fill it with rice, beans, buckwheat shells, plastic or styrofoam beads.

Outdoorphoto offers you the option to purchase an unfilled or filled Badger Gear bean bag. For more stability, a heavier fill is required. We have extracted from camera bean bag reviews and professionals in the industry, that buckwheat shells are a great substance to fill the bags with as they absorb vibrations and are extremely lightweight.

The Badger Gear Snuggfit bean bag II is the most popular bean bag of all in South Africa.
The Badger Gear Snuggfit bean bag II is the most popular bean bag of all in South Africa.

Looking for the best bean bag for wildlife photography?

You are in the right place! The Badger Gear Snuggfit bean bag II is the most popular bean bag of all in South Africa.

“The Badger Gear Snuggfit bean bag is great because of its versatility, strength and pro cushioning for your precious camera gear. It is quick and easy to use at a hide, over your car’s door, or just about anywhere with a surface. Badger Gear Snuggfit bean bags have got you covered.” – Gerald Langton (Sales Consultant at Outdoorphoto)

Made from high-grade nylon and filled with polymer pellets, the Snuggfit bean bag prevents mould growth which attracts pests. It can accommodate large lenses since it features a large and wide top. Its legs easily shape over a car door to keep the bean bag stable and ready to shoot award-winning images.