Authored by Kyle Moore

The Internet allows us to monetise our skills and reach potential customers in distant places in a matter of seconds. There are various skills we can sell online, and you might already have mastered some of them simply by having a hobby. For example, if you like to write and have a good command of the language, you can find various writing tasks on the web as written content is required by thousands of companies. Even if you don’t do something that is traditionally available on the web such as makeup or cooking, you can still use the web to share recipes, create tutorials, and more, profiting off of your passion along the way.

One type of hobby remains highly lucrative on the web — photography. There are various ways to make money with your camera and one has been really paying off well lately — selling your photos online, mainly through stock photography.

Selective focus photography of woman holding DSLR camera

Brands Need Photos

There’s a constant need for new visual content on the web, especially photos. Many brands make new sites, social media pages, and other kinds of profiles for building their online presence, and photography plays a vital role in their strategy.

How many times have you entered a website and noticed a beautiful photo that blends in with the rest of the design and simply invites you to further explore the page? Visual stimuli are very powerful, and that’s how many photographers managed to profit lately.

Trending Events

Selling photography about or related to currently popular events is always a good place to start. Let’s say it’s that period of the year when everyone talks about the Superbowl. This means a lot of websites and social media accounts will talk about it and produce content about it, and it is up to you to find out ways to take photos that will be related to NFL as the chances are high many would search for them.

Men white button-up dress shirt

Holiday Photos

Photos related to big holidays such as Christmas or Halloween usually sell well for the same reason trending events photography sells — demand at a certain time of the year. Many brands want you to know that they care about Christmas by redecorating their online presence with symbols related to the big holiday. It’s the time when everyone wants to get in the “Christmas mood,” and your job as a photographer is to help them by making creative and beautiful photos that brands will buy.

Happiness Always Sells

Many marketing agencies know that happiness sells, so photos of happy people enjoying life are always in demand. These are usually friends in a bar, families having Sunday barbecue, and similar photos.

Imagine entering a website that sells gardening tools, and instead of a happy person watering their garden, you see a very serious one — how would you react? Would you mind seeing a serious face instead of a smiling one?

Once you think it through, the logical and conscious answer is that it doesn’t matter. However, our subconscious is often more attracted to smiling faces, and it is one of the main strategies used by brands to gain trust among their customers. If you are seeking to monetise photography, photographs showing happiness may be your best bet.

High-angle view of people on bicycle

Sports Photography

Sports are popular worldwide, and the reason why we mentioned the Superbowl earlier was not arbitrary. Unlike the Superbowl, there are thousands of less popular sports events happening every day around the world, and online sites covering sports are always in need of fresh photos from popular tournaments or matches. Therefore, if you’re a sports fan, this is something that you can both enjoy and use to make a profit on the web.

Conclusion: Find Your Niche

There are thousands of sites and social media profiles that are in constant need of fresh photography that will accompany new content. In the end, it is important that you find your niche and focus on taking photos to a more concrete target audience.

One of the ways to approach it is to think about what you like to capture with your camera and connect with people and companies in the same niche. Alternatively, you can use stock photography online platforms and offer your photos to the world that way.