A list of photographic events and competitions to look forward to in 2020, which we’ll be updating throughout the year, so you have a go-to source of information on all the happenings.

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Post-processing for wildlife photography workshop by Brendon Cremer on 8 Feb 2020

Multi-award winning wildlife photographer, Brendon Cremer, is holding a Flash Photography for Wildlife Photographers workshop from 08:30 to 12:30 on Saturday, 8 February at the Outdoorphoto Lecture Room in Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria. Cost is R2,500 pp.

“Flash can be a powerful tool in wildlife photography, allowing a photographer to illuminate, emphasise or bring a whole new dimension to an image, helping to create images that go far beyond the possibilities of natural light. Learning to use flash effectively is a very important and, at times, undervalued aspect of wildlife photography. Flash has many different applications for photographing wildlife; from providing a touch of fill light, to using it as your main source of light and getting creative using off-camera lighting. Whether to remedy a challenging lighting situation, or to create light all of your own, taking the time to learn the benefits of artificial light can help take your photography to the next level.” – Brendon Cremer

Photo Fair Africa 2020

Photo Fair Africa is a photography event designed to inspire and educate. Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or seasoned pro, the fair will leave you feeling motivated and rearing to dive deeper into the wonderful world of photography. This event is all about exposing creatives to the right channels by forging networks, connecting people with brands as well as retailers.

Brendon Cremer birds of prey photography and post-processing workshop March 2020

Professional wildlife photographer, Brendon Cremer, is holding a Birds in Flight Photography and Post-Processing Workshop from 07:00 to 15:30 on Sunday, 15 March at the Dullstroom Birds of Prey Centre. Cost is R3,200 pp; space is limited.

“The era of digital photography has brought tremendous advantages to bird and wildlife photographers. The ability to take hundreds or thousands of photos in one day allows us to continually raise the bar and strive for excellence in the images that we create. Many aspiring bird and wildlife photographers that I meet; however, are bogged down by digital issues like not having an efficient processing workflow. It is common for photographers to waste a significant amount of time at the computer and as a result, many good images that could become great images remain untouched. These images simply never live up to their potential. This post-processing workshop is designed to share the strategies and techniques that I have used and still use to improve and simplify post-processing using Adobe’s Lightroom Classic.” – Brendon Cremer

The Cape Town Coffee Festival

As part of the Cape Town Coffee Festival from 1 to 3 May 2020, the Coffee Art Project Gallery will showcase the creativity of various local artists whose photography has been inspired by African coffee and the local coffee scene. The highlight of the gallery will be a photography series of the renowned Sowetan coffee culture by local artist Andile Bhala. It will be held at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town.

Photographic Society of South Africa

The Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) holds monthly club competitions. For more information on these competitions, including various photographic clubs across South Africa, hop on over to their website.


The Internationl Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) invites all federation members to participate in the 20th Nature Biennial. Registration and upload will start on 10 January 2020 and end on 10 March 2020.

Photographic Society of South Africa