It may look like this blog is just a stub – it’s not. Many events have been postponed or cancelled in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 and as such there aren’t many (if at all) events to communicate with you. BUT, when there is something that pops up, we’ll update this page faster than you can say “remember your mask”.

Normally, this would have been a list of photographic events and competitions to look forward to in 2021 (updated throughout the year), but now this introduction may have more meat than the list of events below. Interesting times 😕

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Africa Photo Awards 2021

For the love of photography, expressionism and inventiveness, Africa Photo Awards are proudly brought to you as a non-profit competition themed to “showcase African photography”.

The intention of this prestigious event is to create a competition that challenges individuals as photographers; and is inclusive of all styles, levels and approaches to photography, which means anyone, and everyone is invited to enter.  To that end, the Africa Photo Awards has created a panel of judges that come from different backgrounds, experiences and who embody different styles of photography. All of them are highly accomplished, experienced and expert professional photographers.

APA is the new and modernised Pro Photo Awards — a top photographic competition that recognises excellence in photography and provides photographers with the recognition and accreditation that they deserve. Various awards and prizes – in total R70 000 –  are up for grabs to those who showcase their best work and impress the panel of judges.

The spirit of this competition is collaboration. It’s an alliance between photographers to create a unique, all-encompassing collection of local photography by local photographers. We are blessed with beautiful people and surroundings with their own special uniqueness and APA provides the opportunity for us to share beloved Africa with the world.

The long-term vision is to create a directory of ascribed professional photographers that can be employed as a referral system and provide a resource that people can use with the assurance that the photographer listed is capable of producing excellent photography of a professional standard.

The sponsors are hosting this event because it is fun, and it is a privilege to showcase some of the best photographs in Africa.

It is not a profit-making venture and it is a synergy and celebration of our beautiful continent.


The competition is broken up into 9 main categories. The cost per category to enter, irrespective of the number of images entered, will be R150 with a maximum of 5 images per category. The competition is open to any photographer above the age of 18 years old.

You can enter all 9 categories if you wish or you can simply enter one if that is your genre of photography.

  • Wedding
  • Wildlife
  • Land and urban scapes
  • Editorial
  • Portraiture
  • Abstract
  • Concceptual
  • Fashion
  • Fine art
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