Take to the skies with Aerial Art: A vibrant collection of wild and enchanting fine art photographs that tell a unique story of southern Africa from above.

Flying thousands of hours in their specifically modified aircraft, aerial photographers Jay and Jan Roode have spent more than a decade seeking out some of the most remote and spectacular wilderness locations across four countries to photograph. Aerial Art takes an artistic look at these geographically diverse landscapes and translates them into tangible moments for the viewer – from the vast and enigmatic landscapes of Botswana to the meandering waterways of the Okavango and the wild solitude of the Makgadikgadi.

Aerial Art by Jay & Jan Roode

An aerial shot of a remote southern African landscape taken from Jay and Jan’s specifically modified high-wing aircraft.

Jay and Jan share a passion for the conservation and preservation of the enthralling landscapes they have flown over. The continent of Africa has always held an irresistible allure and fascination for them, and they seem content only when free to roam the skies.

Wishing that they could take everyone with on these insightful journeys, the Roode’s hope that their images will inspire an appreciation for our wildlife and highlight threats to the environment for a more sustainable future.

Aerial Art by Jay & Jan Roode

Aerial Art captures patterns in nature.

Aerial Art by Jay & Jan Roode

The grandeur of our natural wonders as seen from above.

The Roodes’ photographs have been published in magazines, including Africa Geographic, National Geographic Traveller, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Nature’s Best Photography, CNN, Wild Travel and United Nations Environment Programme publications.

This coffee table book is available in two editions: A Standard Edition at R955 and a Numbered Limited Edition at R1995. Each edition has a magnetic clip hardcover case, 65-double page spreads, and a comprehensive index (with a brief description) of each image in the back of the book.

Each edition also includes a discount voucher for selected fine art prints from the book. The voucher is redeemable directly from HPH Publishing. Click here to see the prints.

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Aerial Art by Jay & Jan Roode

An aerial perspective shows the (subjectivity of) beauty contrasted with the harsh reality of everyday life as small fishing hamlets to the Mozambican coastline.