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Craig Anderson Reviews the CamRanger

Author: Craig Anderson CamRanger – Wireless DSLR Camera Control CamRanger – Taking tethering to the next level Tethering is great for when you are in a studio and everything has its place, because you can tether to your laptop. I always used Lightroom as my preferred tethering software, but found the transfer of files rather slow. CamRanger […]

Just Announced – Canon 5D Mark IV

The long awaited Canon 5D Mark IV has finally been announced and with impressive new features like the Dual Pixel Raw which records two separate 30MP photographs, it seems that the wait was certainly worth it. This pro body also boasts with 4K video at 30fps, an upgraded AF System, and built-in WiFi, NFC and GPS to […]

Wouda Interviews International Photographer Connie Zhou

Connie Zhou’s credentials are pretty darn impressive, especially when taking into account that she is the first photographer, ever, to be called up by Google to photograph their massive Data Centers. What most people won’t know about Connie is that besides being a super successful architectural photographer is that she’s also an air hockey champ! (albeit […]

Wouda Interviews Local Photographer Jan Ras

Personally, I am a huge fan of any architectural/interior magazine, my collection including the amazing VISI as well as Living Space, Elle Decoration and Idees. So it comes as no surprise that I found my next interviewee published in one of those magazines. Architectural and Interior PhotographyPhoto Credit – Jan Ras Introducing Jan Ras Jan […]

Oh, for the love of cars

We asked Maryna Cotton to interview her partner and fellow commercial photographer, Sarel van Staden, about his love for cars, their automotive photography work – which they like to refer to as “car porn” – as well as his innovative lighting techniques that give their work its signature look. Photograph of a Ford Mustang GTPhoto […]

Nikon Announces D3400

Connect with the world of Digital Photography with the new Nikon D3400 Key Features of the Nikon D3400: SnapBridge – allows you to automatically connect your photographs with the world ISO 100 – 25 600 24.2 mp 11-point autofocus system Shoot Full HD 1080/60p videos Press Release – Information Courtesy of Nikon   TOKYO – […]

Tiyani turns one!

Tiyani turns one!Watching a leopard cub grow up in the Sabi Sands. Leopard Cub with Mother As a photographic safari guide, I get to witness amazing things in the bush – lions and hyenas battling it out over a fresh buffalo kill, giraffes giving birth and elephants submerging themselves in rivers with only the tips […]

Women in Photography – an ode yet to be sung

“Photography chose me one day. Before that day I never gave it a thought, ever! It has become the essence of who I am and is the elemental birth place of how I express myself by turning the perceived mundane into the magical imaginative. It is how I wear my soul on the outside.” Lezzet Abbott […]

Wouda Interviews Local Photographer Alexa Singer

Besides being crazy about her 5 dogs and scaling mountains in her free time, Alexa Singer is an accomplished South African fashion, beauty and advertising photographer. Her clients include reputable brands like Elle, Marie Claire, GQ, Avon and Nivea! This proud, dynamic and spirited woman is bound to set fire to the souls of other talented women in […]

Jana Cruder’s Midnight Reflections

Jana Cruder, professional photographer from Santa Monica, California, was kind enough to share with us her personal experiences as a woman in the world of advertising, commercial, fashion and fine art photography.We are inspired by the way she portrays the women in her photographs as smart, strong, confident, funny, compassionate, gentle and captivating human beings; capable of anything […]

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