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Wildlife Flash Photography Tips at Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and dawn are magical times of the day for flash photography. The sky is usually at it very best 15 to 30 minutes before and after sunset and sunrise, weather permitting of course. Combine these rich colours creating stunning backdrops with an interesting well-lit subject at exactly the right moment and… Boom!!! You have […]

Be Selfie RED-E

The RED-E Monopod and Slider Mount   The RED-E 900mm Monopod and Slider Mount with selfie stick capabilities can extend to 900mm and enables the user to mount any compact camera with a 1/4-inch mounting screw. The included slider mount allows one to use the GoPro attached to its quick release. The SmartMount, sold seperately, […]

Shooting the Stars

When people ask me what my favourite type of photography is I never have to think for too long. When I answer, the reaction is pretty much the same majority of the time. I get this tilted-head-puzzled look, accompanied by a hesitant “ummmm” and finally a response: “Is that even a genre?”   I guess […]

SYMCO – South Africa’s most sensational event!

Words and photos by Villiers Steyn   Every second year, during the first week of the July holidays, sixty veterinary students from all over the world descend on Onderstepoort in Pretoria to join twenty more energetic local students for the event of a lifetime: SYMCO! Symco is short for Symposium Committee, but the event’s official […]

Shooting Wildlife Composites

Have you ever found yourself so close to an animal you simply cannot fit its entire body into the frame? Or find yourself with a fantastic scene before you and all you have is your long telephoto lens, having left your wide-angle at home? Or further more you have your wide-angle lens with you but […]

Light it up with Godox

Game Plan:   Being so hard at work in the shop, we had to stop for just a moment and make time for a shoot. We heard there is “safety in numbers” so a few of us grouped together to work out our game plan. I was going all out to put the Godox PB960 […]

It’s all in the Eyes

For the beginners entering into the realm of photography, wildlife photography can be one of the toughest fields to master. Together with all the normal challenges of general photography and getting your head around your camera, you also have to deal with subjects that generally have no interest in cooperating, don’t take orders and pretty […]

The Lions of Phinda

ODP Phinda Safari   There is no doubt that the African bush has a magical quality that, once it has crept into your soul, never leaves again. Each visit beguiles one more and the yearning to return time after time drives a search for undiscovered places and new experiences. KwaZulu-Natal has only a smattering of […]

Creating Art with Light in-between the Golden Hours

Motion-blur and High-Key Photography   Most wildlife photographers are under the impression that we can take technically correct photos only during the golden hours just after sunrise and just before sunset. Although those may be the best times to take sweet-light pictures, we should not feel limited by those one or two hours. In fact, […]

An Unusual Rhino Sighting

Kruger National Park   There is something magical about being in the bush, the fresh air, the colours, the smells, the excitement of possibly being in the right place at the right time to see something incredibly unique. My recent trip to the Kruger National Park was no different.   On an early morning game […]

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