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Latest Articles from Outdoorphoto Magazine

Guest Writer’s Campaign Video 2.0

As you might know by now, hopefully, we have recently launched the Guest Writers Campaign.   In short, this campaign enables you, the photographer, to write articles about anything relevant to photography, and those article might just get published on Outdoorphoto blog!   So let’s talk about how this campaign can benefit you!   The […]


    BlackRapid Strap Review – by Knit Together When we think about what we want to buy for our camera bags, a camera strap is not exactly the first thing that jumps into our heads! We each have a long (expensive) list of wants queuing up and vying to be next in line for […]

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre in Hoedspruit, Limpopo. Anywhere wild animals and humans overlap, there’s bound to be fallout of some kind or another. Vultures versus powerlines, predators versus farm animals, antelope on roads versus vehicles, the odd problem animal finding its way into the pantry, or hand-raised animals that have lost their cuteness and grown […]

Announcing the Outdoorphoto Guest Author’s Campaign

  We are very excited to launch our new Outdoorphoto, Guest Author Campaign!   It involves YOU, the avid photographer, putting your writing skills and knowledge of photography to the ultimate test, and benefit to others.  Our ODP editors will read, revise and correct your article as needed and let you know if your article […]

The Rode Videomic Pro Review

Introduction Rode has introduced its new Videomic Pro (not to be confused with the Videomic) and with its new and improved suspension rig the Rode Videomic Pro is an innovative solution for both intermediate and advanced shooters who are looking to enhance audio control and sound clarity. Straight out the box the Rode Videomic Pro […]