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Wildlife Photographer Brendon Cremer shows us Stitching in Lightroom

Wildlife Photographer Brendon Cremer shows us how to stitch together composites, step-by-step, using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Photography is just about as unpredictable as life in general.  Sometimes you see the image you want to capture but you’re stuck with the wrong lens on the camera.  So, you’ve got one of two choices, leave it on […]

Nikon D5 Review

The Nikon D5:  First Impressions Photograph of RhinosPhoto Credit – Charl Senekal It was with great anticipation that we awaited sample images available for download after Nikon announced their new flagship Nikon D5 in January 2016.  All the usual upgrades were in place, including increased frame-rate, improved autofocus, bigger buffer, improved layout of buttons, ergonomics […]

Photoshop with Nolan Lister

Between his full-time job and love of photography, Nolan Lister took off some time to answer a few questions about Photoshop. He fell in love with photography with the first click of the shutter on his dad’s Pentax 35mm camera.  As his dad was an amateur photographer, Nolan can remember his dad always having his […]

Wildlife Photographer Brendon Cremer shows us how to blend in Photoshop

Wildlife Photographer Brendon Cremer shows us how to blend in Photoshop Sometimes you just don’t get that desired shot when shooting, whether you’re on a trip through the Kruger Park or shooting your kids playing in the yard.  Well, that’s where Photoshop can come in handy.Wildlife Photographer Brendon Cremer, shows us step-by-step how to blend two […]

ARTificial Light with Gunther Swart

ARTificial LightSo often we read or hear about artificial light vs natural light and which is best.  Well, today I’m here to discuss how anyone can get great setups that vary from a bunch of lights in studio to just one light. Shooting with artificial light is super easy when you first start out, then you quickly […]

Q&A with Photographer Clinton Lubbe

Clinton Lubbe agreed to answer a few questions we had about his photography , especially regarding lighting effects.  Born in 1972 he grew up around photography, seemingly developing his compositional eye from a young age. While photography was always within the scope of his work, it was not a focus until in his 30’s.If you […]

Wouda Interviews International Photographer Dani Diamond

No Fuss Photography with Dani Diamond We finally had the chance to sit down and have a chat to the inspirational and laid-back photographer Dani Diamond.  He enjoys tea, a lot, and eats tons of candy and chips.  One of the most important things he’s done for himself, to be a better person, is sharing everything he knows […]

Wouda Interviews International Photographer Charles Hildreth

Divergent thinker…  Charles Hildreth Charles Hildreth, having majored in Journalism & News Editor at the University of Colorado felt his transition to photographer was a natural evolution due to his love of storytelling.  He’s a strong believer that art is subjective and has never had the desire to sit in a room and chat about camera […]

Thoughts on Natural Light

The Colour of LightAs photographers developing our sense of observation is as important as getting to know our gear or understanding the technical aspects of nailing exposure or focus. Seeing light is as important as seeing your subject and one of the main characteristics of light is its colour.  It is well known that the […]

Wouda Interviews International Photographer Sean Archer

We talk Natural Light with Sean Archer  Professional Natural Light Photographer Stanislav Puchkovsky, better known as Sean Archer, shares with us about how it all started as well as his love of art and natural light.  Beautiful portrait of a brunette girl with frecklesPhoto Credits – Sean Archer Whether you know him by name or by […]

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