Whether you want to frame a treasured family photo or a favourite piece of art one thing is sure, no wall is the same. The art of framing a picture is in considering the space and how best to complement it using variations in size, colour and composition. Art of Print has a few tips for you on how to elevate any space by opting for the right framing and even adding some decor accessories.

1. Framing statement pieces

If the artwork is already making a statement, a statement frame would be overkill. A frame above a fireplace, for example, is meant to highlight the photography and complement the andirons (brackets that hold wood), which makes for a balanced statement. The frame should always complement the imagery, award or artwork on display.

Tips for picking a frame 1

2. Frames for a gallery-style wall

The frames should convey and reflect the personality and style of the homeowner. For a neat and put-together look, try grouping different sizes of pictures using the same frame. When pieces are framed using the same frame type, it appears cleaner to the eye and thus soothing to look at. For a more spontaneous and eclectic look, pair different frames in various colours and sizes. This will allow each picture’s personality to shine.

Tips for picking a frame 2

3. Framing typography or quotes

For living spaces, a thin frame (preferably white or black) with typography or a simple quote is great for creating visual interest. Thin frames won’t overpower an artwork. It is a minimalist framing approach to framing that ensures the attention is on the artwork. The frame should; however, still be synchronous with the time and the style of the artwork.

Tips for picking a frame 3

4. Framing smaller art pieces

When framing a smaller piece of art, you can make an impact using an oversized matt board and a large frame. This will make it stand out and feel contemporary. Bonus tip: By adding a matt board, you can make a less expensive frame look stylish. Your matt and frame colour should each be different. When they’re too similar, attention draws to the frame rather than the artwork.

Tips for picking a frame 4

5. Frame colours

Matching the frame to your existing room decor is more important than matching the colour of the picture to your frame, so choose a frame that either complements your current decor or adds just the right spark of contrast. To help your artwork stand out, ensure that your frame colour isn’t too similar to your wall colour either. Select a lighter frame for casual or simple art and a darker frame for more elegant or formal pieces.

Tips for picking a frame 5

Still unsure? You are more than welcome to contact us and we will take you through the whole process of picking the right frame for your artwork and space, every step of the way.