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Formatt-Hitech filters are made from durable 2mm thick Schott Superwhite glass that is treated with a rare earth metal coating process (it is applied directly to the glass through an electrolyte process). Unlike the tradition resin dye, Firecrest glass filters are hyper-neutral across the visible light and UV spectrums, and also remove more IR contamination than any other filter, allowing you to capture high-quality long exposure photos.

The 100mm 6 Filter Pouch from Formatt-Hitech will keep your filters sorted, safe and easily accessib..

R 570.00

This Formatt-Hitech 100mm Modular Filter Holder system will permit you to use numerous different typ..

R 835.00

Attach threaded or threadless lenses to use multiple rectangular or square filters that are 100mm wide.

R 835.00

The Formatt-Hitech 100x100mm Prostop IRND 3.0 filters will generally be used used when taking long-e..

R 2,995.00
Awaiting Stock

Formatt-Hitech 100x125mm Sunset ND Soft Edge Graduated 0.3 filter graduates from red to orange to ye..

R 1,095.00
Awaiting Stock

Eliminates Reflections in Glass & Water.

R 5,595.00
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The Formatt-Hitech Colby Brown 100mm-system Landscape Filter Kit is available both online and in sto..

R 7,395.00
Awaiting Stock

The Formatt-Hitech Colby Brown 100mm Landscape Premium Filter Kit for sale at Outdoorphoto, contains..

R 8,795.00
Awaiting Stock

The Formatt-Hitech Colby Brown 85mm-system Landscape Filter Kit is available both online and in stor..

R 3,095.00
Awaiting Stock

The Formatt-Hitech Colby Brown 85mm Premium Landscape Filter Kit is available both online and in sto..

R 5,895.00
Awaiting Stock

The Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 82mm circular 4.8 ND Filter (16 stops) is available both online and in ..

R 2,695.00
Awaiting Stock

Formatt-Hitech Joel Tjintjelaar 100mm-system ND Filter Kit is available from Outdoorphoto...

R 7,895.00
Awaiting Stock

Formatt-Hitech Lucroit 165mm Filter Holder enables the use of ND and Graduated ND filters with ultra..

R 2,595.00

The Formatt-Hitech 165mm Lucroit Wide Angle 2-Slot Filter Holder is capable of holding 2 individual ..

R 8,595.00

The spares kit from Formatt-Hitech contains a complete set of spare screws and attachments for the F..

R 260.00

Neutral density filters do not affect the coloration of the image and the 1.2 density provides a 4 s..

R 3,195.00

A formatt Hitech premier filter kit to make photography so much easier..

R 7,595.00
Awaiting Stock

This travel kit from Formatt hitech comes with various photography essentials all in one place..

R 8,495.00
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The 100mm Firecrest Filter Holder Kit allows the use of up to two 100mm-wide, 2mm-thick filters with a circular polariser.

R 2,895.00
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This 105mm Firecrest UltraSlim CPL filter helps reduce reflections & glare as well as increase the overall saturation of an image.

R 5,695.00
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Become the pro you know you are!

R 2,095.00

Create striking sunset moments.

R 1,295.00

The Formatt-Hitech 77mm Firecrest ND 3.0 Filter is a solid neutral density filter providing a 10 stop reduction in exposure.

R 1,740.00
Awaiting Stock

The 82mm ND 0.9 Filter provides a 3-stop exposure reduction, so you can photograph with longer shutter speeds & wide aperture.

R 1,855.00
Awaiting Stock

The 82mm ND 3.0 Filter provides a 10-stop exposure reduction, for photographing with a longer shutter speed and wide aperture.

R 2,295.00
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