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BlackRapid was founded by Seattle photographer Ron Henry in 2008. After years of shooting the Seattle music scene, weddings, and other dynamic environments, Henry created a strap where the camera hangs upside down securely at the photographer’s side, ready to manoeuvre into position at a moment’s notice. When ready to take a photo, the patented ConnectR allows the camera to quickly glide up the strap and into shooting position. Today, BlackRapid is a multi-million dollar company, and the premier camera accessory brand, offering products designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers. These breathable straps are very reliable so you will not have to worry about dropping your expensive photographic equipment on the ground or in the water. BlackRapid offers a wide range of versatile and unique straps ready to carry and protect your gear in any situation, from a sling strap for a DSLR or a BlackRapid Sport strap, BlackRapid has your back. Buy BlackRapid camera straps online and be ready to go on stress-free travelling adventures knowing that your beloved gear will be safe.
BlackRapid Cross Shot Breathe Camera Strap (Black)

Compact, cross-body strap that weighs a comfortable 176g.

R 995.00
Awaiting Stock
BlackRapid Cross Shot Breathe Camera Strap (Orange)

A lightweight camera strap in a beautifully bright shade of orange.

R 995.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Curve Breathe Camera Strap

Comfy & reliable, rest assured that you will not to drop your expensive photographic gear.

R 1,425.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Double Slim Breathe Camera Harness

A slim fit harness for smaller-framed photographers.

R 2,895.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Hand Strap Breathe

Made from moisture wicking, breathable Ariaprene padding of your comfort.

R 1,155.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap

For larger build photographers who want quick gear access when moving over rugged terrain.

R 2,125.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap

Rest assured that your DSLR is safe with this strong and ultra comfy camera strap.

R 1,595.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Wrist Breathe Camera Strap with FR-5 FastenR Breathe

Secure your camera to your wrist as you keep it in your hand with the ladderlock BlackRapid Wrist Breathe.

R 770.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

The clever design allows customisation for a perfect fit & good ventilation keeps you feeling fresh.

R 2,895.00
Awaiting Stock
BlackRapid Street Breathe Camera Strap

This strap sports a ariaprene shoulder pad and an adjustable length nylon webbing with buckle.

R 775.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Tripod Plate (70mm)

The BlackRapid Tripod Plate 70mm is a replacement for an existing arca-compatible plate.

R 1,065.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Tripod Quick-Release Plate (50mm)

Let's you effortlessly switch between your camera between tripod & R-strap.

R 870.00
In Stock
BlackRapid FastenR Tripod FR-T1 Breathe

Safely juggle between your tripod and R-Strap with the durable stainless steel BlackRapid FastenR.

R 485.00
In Stock
BlackRapid FR-5 FastenR Breathe

It is used to screw into a 1/4-inch 20 mount for a camera or lens, securely and effortlessly.

R 390.00
Awaiting Stock
BlackRapid Wrist Strap Breathe

The Wrist Breathe Camera Strap from BlackRapid allows you to secure a camera to your wrist as you keep it in

R 540.00
Awaiting Stock
BlackRapid BERT Extension for RS-7 and DR-1

The BlackRapid BERT Extension is designed to buckle to a BlackRapid RS-7 and RS DR-1 strap.

R 160.00
In Stock
BlackRapid Brad Stabiliser Strap

The BlackRapid Brad is an under-arm Stabiliser Strap compatible with all BlackRapid R-Strap systems.

R 255.00
In Stock
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