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Vello RS-N1II Wired Remote Switch for Nikon Cameras

Capture hands-free, shake-free photos and content. Designed for Nikon cameras, the Vello RS-N1II Wired Remote Switch is a great tool to use for long exposures as it can be triggered without touching the camera, resulting in sharp, blur-free images. The larger device design provides comfortable use and is suitable for autofocusing, continuous and single photo capturing. 

  • Control autofocus and shutter triggering
  • Capture images without camera shake
  • Optimal for long exposure shooting
  • Use for continuous or single exposures
  • No battery required
  • Large, comfortable form factor

No batteries are required as the 10-pin connection enables the device to use power from your Nikon camera.

Vello RS-N1II 

Whether you are shooting in the studio or outdoors, the Vello RS-N1II Wired Remote Switch provides photographers using select Nikon cameras with a 10-pin connection; a simple way to control exposures and an easy-to-use tool. The device is larger and more comfortable to use than many other remote devices, with a thick, sturdy cord.

The RS-N1II is compatible with autofocusing, continuous shooting or single image capture, and long exposures. It will autofocus on a half press of the button and trigger the shutter with a full press. Also, users can press the button and slide it forward to lock it for long exposures. Since you can trigger exposures without touching the camera, you will get sharp, blur-free images. Additionally, the unit does not require batteries as it draws its power from the Nikon camera, making it an extremely useful tool to keep in your studio or gear bag.




Cable Length: 86 cm
Power Supply
Wired, camera via 10-Pin Connector
R 295 In Stock
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What's in the box

  • Vello RS-N1II Wired Remote Switch for Select Cameras with Nikon 10-Pin Connector
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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