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Studio Lighting Equipment

In this category, you will find everything you need to shed some high-quality light on your subject. If you are starting out with a home studio, professionally or for fun, and need a set of lights, we would say have a look in the Studio Lighting Kits category. There you will find complete kits with lights, light modifiers, stands and carry bags. The category lists a wide range, from very affordable to professional, to suit every need.

The Monolights and Flash Heads category contain separate monolights. If you are looking to expand your lighting setup with additional lights, this is the category you’ll find it in.

If you often do shoots on location and are in need of a portable studio lighting system, you should browse the Battery Powered Flash Systems category.

The Continuous Lighting category lists everything you will need for great video production lighting. You will find LED light panels and kits here.

If you need some advice choosing your ideal studio lighting gear, feel free to chat with one of our online consultants.

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