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Savage 50m Gaffer Tape (Chroma Green)

Chroma Green Gaffer Tape is perfect for green screen environments and can be used for mounting objects, repairs or to tape over and hide elements.

Gaffer tape is one of the handiest items to have in any photo studio. It is a strong, tough, cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with incredible adhesive properties. Used in almost every type of theatre, film and television production, it can be removed cleanly from surfaces due to its synthetic petroleum-based adhesive (versus duct tape’s natural rubber adhesive).

  • Ideal for green screen environments
  • Strong adhesion, easy removal
  • High tensile strength & heat-resistant
  • Cloth backing & pressure-sensitive tape
  • Easily hand-tearable; allows for consistent straight tears
  • Works on smooth & uneven surfaces
  • Dimensions: 5 cm (W) x 50 m (L) roll

An essential staple to your in-studio gear kit.

Good quality Gaffer tape

Gaffer tape is an essential piece of gear to have on hand at all times. Popular uses include taping down seamless backdrops to the floor to avoid wrinkling, securing cables or adhering other studio accessories together. The cloth backing with polyethene coating is heat resistant for up to 3 hours. The blended resin and natural rubber compound allow for non-transferring adhesion, to deliver a clean removal with no residue!

10 Great Uses for Gaffer Tape on Your Next Job

  1. Secure Your Seamless Backdrop
  2. Create a Low-Cost View Finder Shield
  3. Secure Cords & Cables
  4. Make a Quickie Tripod Plate
  5. Mark Your Lighting Set-Up
  6. Attach a Remote Control
  7. Identify Your Gear
  8. Prevent Shattering Glass
  9. Repair A Bean Bag Weight
  10. Get Artistic (Bracelets, wallets, dresses and works of art…the possibilities are endless.)

What is the difference between gaffer tape and duct tape?

Gaffer tape is a vinyl-coated cloth tape with a matte finish that does not reflect light, whereas duct tape is a polyethene-coated cloth that is shiny.

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  • Savage Gaffer Tape (5 cm x 50 m, Chroma Green)
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