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Peak Design Slide Lite Strap | Black

The Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap is made of durable Nylon adjustable strap with a silicone grip that prevents slipping. There are four anchor connectors and a tripod plate included enabling the Peak Design Slide Lite to be worn as a sling, shoulder or neck strap. It can hold up to 90kg.

A sigh of relief as Peak Design presents a camera strap specifically designed for mirrorless cameras.

This 3-in-1 SlideLITE strap can be used as a sling strap. Connecting to Anchors on the strap lug and tripod socket, you can wear it as a quick-cinching sling strap that simply glides over your clothing.

You can also use it as a neck-strap. Attach the SlideLITE to both strap lugs and you’ve got a clean, classic-looking neck strap.

Then for those times you’re in a hurry and need a shoulder strap, simply flip the strap over and you’ve got a silicon grip that lets you quickly and easily hang your camera over your shoulder.

The SlideLITE strap is super versatile with a quick connection using only one hand thanks to their patent-pending Anchor Link connection system. It’s easily adjustable with 2 durable aluminium quick-adjusting handles and because it’s smooth on one side and grippy on the other, it’s instantly reversible depending on your preference. It also works on its own or with any Capture Camera Clip.

Peak Design prides itself in the SlideLITE’s sturdy and comfy design. Only 1.25” wide unpadded webbing is more than enough to provide all-day comfort while adding minimal bulk to your setup. The newly upgraded Dyemma-corded Anchors can each hold well over 90kg’s and feature best-in-class abrasion resistance while also being strong enough to practically hold any size or weight of the camera.

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What's in the box

  • Peak Design Slide Lite Strap (Black)
  • Anchor Connectors for Peak Design Straps (4-Pack)
  • Tripod Plate
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reviewed by 2 customers

Great product.

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The SlideLITE strap feels premium in its build quality. It is very comfortable to wear for long hours like an 8 - 12-hour wedding as you can quickly adjust the length of the strap so that it can hang by your hip. Being able to adjust the length of the strap gives it such versatility in how you can actually use it (Like a sling or as a conventional strap). My favourite feature is the fact you can quickly and easily detach the strap from the camera using the quick connector. I do wedding film making as well as photography and this strap has given me the freedom to wear a strap but also be able to quickly detach the strap and put my camera on my gimbal in a matter of seconds not minutes.

This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Outdoorphoto rocks!

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Great product, Great Service - The slide-lite strap does everything expected. High quality Peak Design. The package content has been changed by Peak Design to now include a smaller plate for Mirrorless Camera's and no longer contains the Arca mounting plate I needed with the strap. Outdoorphoto went out of their way to source the missing Peak design Arca plate and delivered it a day later.

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