Peak Design Camera Strap & Clips

Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip with Pro Plate (Multi-tripod Compatible)

The Peak Design CapturePRO® Camera Clip is the flagship, pro-quality camera carrying soluti..

R 1,265.00
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Peak Design Capture V2.0 Camera Clip with Standard Plate

The lightweight, ergonomic Capture® Camera Clip is Peak Design's entry-level camera holster..

R 1,199.00
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PEAK Design Capture® with POV kit

Product informationThe POV-kit from Peak Design is the first ultra-versatile video mount of its kind..

R 1,135.00
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Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap

The Peak Design Clutch is the world’s first camera hand strap that is quick-connecting and quick-adj..

R 625.00
In Stock
Peak Design POV Kit for all Capture Camera Clips

The first ultra-versatile video mount of it's kind. P.O.V. Kit (along with the Capture Camera Cl..

R 470.00
In Stock
Peak Design Slide Padded Strap

Peak Design introduces its most versatile pro camera strap yet. The Slide is sturdy and padded to us..

R 960.00
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Peak Design SlideLITE Unpadded Strap

A sigh of relief as Peak Design presents a camera strap specifically designed for mirrorless cameras..

R 785.00
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