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Vehicle Camera Support & Beanbags

Sometimes you need camera support while on the move. We have scouted the most useful and sturdy vehicle support systems and mobile camera support and gathered them in these three categories.

Photographic Beanbags are ideal for stabilising a camera for macro or close-up shooting on a table top. The Badgergear Beanbag is also designed for supporting large lenses on a vehicle door. The shape makes it incredibly stable, hugging your car door, and the durable materials used will survive the rigours of the outdoors.

If your vehicle setup requires something more sturdy you should have a look at our range of vehicle door brackets. These are sturdy, secure contraptions which will allow the use of very heavy and long lenses and provides you with plenty of adjustment flexibility.

Our range of pods include some innovative support systems easing the use of long lenses in unusual places, such as bird hides and on safari vehicles.

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