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MagMod XL Starter Strobe Kit

The MagMod XL Starter Strobe Kit features three essential magnetic modifiers pertaining to the MagMod XL system. This starter kit is incredibly versatile and highly portable. This kit further allows photographers to optimise studio stores and provides tools that are necessary for achieving light-shaping results. 

The kit includes the MagMod Reflector XL which is designed with versatility in mind and is more portable than traditional metal reflectors, quick to collapse, and extremely easy to store or transport. The MagMod MagSphere XL, also included in this kit, is a larger modifier that delivers efficient diffusion without sacrificing performance. The 40° MagMod MagGrid XL completes the kit and is stackable with other accessories and even other MagGrids, it allows you to further narrow their beam angle.

  • Optimised for Studio Strobes
  • Reflector XL
  • MagSphere XL
  • 40° MagGrid XL

MagMod’s XL system was designed for fast, easy and precise light shaping for photographers using larger strobe flashes.


Size :
23.6 x 19.1 x 1.8 cm (MagMod MagGrid XL 40°)

Weight :
1.742 kg

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What's in the box

  • MagMod XL Starter Strobe Kit
    • MagMod Reflector XL
      • Bowens Mount Adapter
    • MagMod MagSphere XL
    • MagMod MagGrid XL (40°)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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