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MagMod Reflector XL

The MagMod Reflector XL is a versatile modifier, and unlike a traditional metal reflector, is the first collapsible, gelable, magnetic reflector for strobe flashes. It delivers consistent and reliable light quality, is extremely easy to store and transport. It also allows you to achieve instant control over the colour, density and hue of your flash.

  • Collapsible Reflector
  • Highly-Reflective Interior
  • Works with Multiple Dome Gels
  • Can Be Used with Other MagMod Modifiers

Photographers can take this compact light modifier to any shoot for fast, convenient and safe light modification.

The MagMod Reflector XL is the first collapsible reflector built with an extremely durable design, complete with MagMod’s patented magnetic modular light modification design. The Reflector XL makes it easier than ever to control, diffuse, and dial in the perfect colour balance. Not only is the collapsible design more durable than any metal-construction reflector would ever hope to be, but it also manages to be more compact while giving you 2 different beam angles to boot. Talk about versatility!

Uncanny, Collapsible Design

The Reflector XL's collapsible design unlocks a world of possibilities for transporting a reflector to places metal reflectors wouldn't dream of going. Easy to store and even easier to transport, the collapsibility goes a step further to create two unique light patterns from a single reflector, delivering an unmatched level of versatility. 

Premium Material - Professional Grade Durability

MagMod's Reflector XL is designed to outlast even the most expensive metal reflectors on the market. Made from durable silicone with an embedded hardened steel ring, you don't have to worry about damaging your reflector - or compromising your quality of light - no matter how intensive the shoot. 

Magnetic Meets Modular

MagMod's patented magnetic, modular design is a first of its kind - giving photographers the ability to attach multiple light-shaping modifiers at the same time. Plus, the Reflector XL is universal, meaning it has the power to shape the light from nearly any flash brand and utilise additional modifiers, such as gels, in ways that were previously not possible. 

Optimised Gelling For dynamic Colour Control 

Designed with gelling in mind, the Reflector XL is the only universally adaptable strobe modifiers system that allows you to add multiple Dome Gels- our virtually indestructible colour gels for instant control over the colour, density, and hue of your flash. The Dome Gel's forward-thinking design is optimised for all-flash brands past, present and future. 

Give Your Strobe a Superpower

The MagMod Reflector XL is the first collapsible reflector built with an extremely durable design, complete with MagMod’s patented magnetic modular light modification design.

Innovative Light

Incredible light quality innovative durability and collapsibility make the Reflector XL a one-of-a-kind modifier that doesn’t sacrifice the beautiful and consistent light quality photographers need on every shoot.

Key features

  • The collapsible design is portable + gives you 2 beam angles
  • Durable flexible silicone withstands drops and dings
  • Magnetic modifiers attach quickly and securely
  • Designed with gelling in mind with new Dome gels
  • Metallic interior coating gives beautiful, even diffused light quality
  • Designed for Godox/Flashpoint AD400/AD600 & All Bowen's Mount Strobes
  • Designed for Profoto Strobes such as B10X, B1, etc..
  • Comes with Bowens mount (other mounts sold separately)


20.066 x 19.558 x 8.89cm
R 1,595 In Stock
Delivery Truck Free Standard shipping included. Faster options available

What's in the box

  • MagMod Reflector XL
    • Bowens Mount Adapter
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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