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MagMod MagShoe 2

The MagShoe is a universal, ergonomic cold shoe bracket you can operate with one hand. Just slide in your flash, turn the lock 90 degrees and you’re golden.

The new MagShoe 2 includes an upgrade in materials and design to support the larger MagBox Pro softboxes like the MagBox Pro 42 Octa and MagBox Pro 36 Strip.

A 1⁄4-20 adaptor is included for flashes like the AD200 or to mount LED light panels and GoPro cameras.

  • Universal cold shoe mount
  • Place on a stand or handheld
  • Keeps flashes in place securely with durable locking mechanism
  • Large squeezable button to adjust angle easily & precisely with one hand
  • Locks in fast, simply slide in & turn dial
  • Easy to use, no more small screws & nuts to deal with
  • Ergonomic pistol grip offers easily handling
  • Works perfectly in combination with MagRing
  • Compatible with virtually any speedlight flash
  • Upgrade in materials & design to support larger boxes
  • Gold anodised colour top

The MagShoe is a must-have for any photographer who wants to work faster, easier and awesome-er.

Use the entire MagBox Pro system on the stand or take it handheld when attached to our comfortable, ergonomic, and totally awesome MagShoe 2 — the industry’s most innovative cold-shoe flash bracket, now made even stronger.

The MagShoe 2 is materially and structurally stronger than the original MagShoe, and is required for use with the larger MagBox Pro 42 Octa or MagBox Pro 36 Strip. The MagShoe 2 gets rid of ugly, uncomfortable, time-consuming knobs and brackets and redesigns the clunky cold shoe body into a simple, easy to use design.

A large squeezable button adjusts the MagShoe 2’s position and locks it in quickly at the angle you choose. Just squeeze and release. That’s it.

At the top, the MagShoe 2’s custom, durable locking mechanism tightens your flash in with a simple twist and makes sure it isn’t going anywhere.

And since we like to make things easy, this system is so simple to set up and control that it can all be used one-handed.

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What's in the box

  • MagMod MagShoe 2
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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MagMod MagShoe