Everyone needs a Lenspen cleaner for their beloved photographic equipment. The Lenspen Photopro Cleaning Kit aids in keeping your lenses and optics clean.
Lenspen DSLR Pro Cleaning Kit

Best Camera Cleaning KitThe Lenspen DSLR Pro Cleaning Kit includes a Lenspen for use on len..

R 495.00
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Lenspen Dry Lens Cleaning Pen with 13mm Tip Diameter

A dry lens pen for cleaning finger marks and dust off lenses without the mess of liquids to apply.

R 190.00
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Lenspen Microklear Microfibre Cloth Deluxe

Deluxe Microfibre Suede Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the housings of digital cameras, photo equipm..

R 85.00
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Lenspen Rubber Sidekick (Black)

The best way to clean fingerprints from iPads, tablets and other touch screens! Cleans fingerpr..

R 280.00
In Stock
Lenspen Sensorklear II CCD sensor cleaner

Clean CCD and CMOS sensors like the pros! SensorKlear II combines the unique LensPen cleaning tip..

R 180.00
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