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Expert Shield Glass Screen Protector for Nikon Z8

Safeguard your Nikon Z8 Camera's monitor against scratches, dirt, and debris with this Expert Shield Glass Screen Protector for Nikon Z8. It's made to fit the exact dimensions of the camera's display. A silicone gel layer allows the protector to cling securely without leaving a sticky residue behind. The protector is easy to install without trapping any air bubbles and is just as easy to remove.

The tempered optical glass on the Nikon Camera Screen Protector is extremely thin but also scratch and shatter-resistant for reliable durability. Additionally, its near-perfect clarity preserves the sharpness and brightness of the image you see on your camera's screen and enables touchscreen operation.

  • Silicone Gel Leaves No Sticky Residue
  • Thin Scratch- & Shatter-Resistant Glass
  • Near-Perfect Clarity Preserves Sharpness
  • Bubble-Free Application

With your Expert Shield glass screen protector you’ll get the best guarantee around, no scratches, no bubbles, no hassle, for the lifetime of your device.

Your Smartest Decision

You’ve spent a pretty penny on your Nikon Z8 so you’d like the screen to stay smart. Some people get the same joy from a newborn baby, but for you, it's the Z8 - we are okay with that.  

Let’s have a look at why you’ll want to trust Expert Shield to keep your baby fully protected......for life! Yes, until you declare your Z8 dead....we will protect your baby like it was our very own under our Lifetime Guarantee. 

Just fit and forget

At Expert Shield we’re all about simplicity. We understand you just want to fit a screen protector and be done with it. Who wants to be shopping for a new screen protector every few weeks?

But what makes GLASS by Expert Shield so ground-breaking - what makes it different to the hordes of regular glass screen protectors? You’ll find it far easier to apply for a start, due to our silicone gel layer that lets your protector effortlessly cling to the screen without bubbles. To remove, simply use some good-quality sticky tape on one corner and lift it away from your screen – leaving no residue behind.

Your GLASS by Expert Shield is hard. This means your Glass Expert Shield won’t scratch. But it’s also far more durable than others, meaning your Expert Shield won’t shatter either, unlike many of our brittle competitors. Optically, it’s also near-perfectly clear - meaning you won’t notice any reduction in your screen brightness or any dulling in image sharpness.

Your Expert Shield uses a ‘dry fit’ system. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll find it a doddle to fit in just minutes. Any problems? Unlikely! But if you do, just get in touch. It’s guaranteed. We won’t let you down.

In it for the long haul

A correctly fitted Expert Shield will stay on your screen for aeons. The only way it’s coming off is if you want it to. 

We don’t use glue either, so there’ll never be any residue left behind on your screen should you wish to remove it. To save or wash your protector, simply affix the gel side down onto the sticky side of some tape. It’ll keep any dust away.

If you click on the small diagram above you’ll see how your Expert Shield is constructed. We use an ultra-hard layer sandwiched within the protector to provide an unmatched, deep level of protection. It’ll stop sharper objects from penetrating through to your screen.

The surface layer absorbs lighter scratches to keep your screen looking dashingly scratch-free for longer. For the lifetime of your device, in fact.


You will not find a more optically clear protector available. Regardless of what amazing super material they’re made from. A bold statement perhaps? 

Best Guarantee Around

With your Expert Shield, you’ll get the best guarantee around, no scratches, no bubbles, and no hassle, for the lifetime of your device. 

R 395 In Stock
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What's in the box

  • Expert Shield Glass Screen Protector for Nikon Z8
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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