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Camera Cleaning Equipment & Solutions

This category contains a large variety of camera cleaning equipment and solutions. Due to the tough weather conditions in South Africa, cleaning your camera regularly is advised.  This will keep dust out and prevent it from causing any wear on moving parts. Dust can also end up on the image sensor and will show up on your photos. Photosol and Copper Hill Images manufacture sensor swabs and sensor liquid that could be used to safely and effectively remove dust from the sensor. For removing lose dust particles from the mirror box we recommend using a Giottos blower. Lenspen has the perfect cleaning solution for removing finger marks and water spray off the front lens element and UV filter.  They also manufacture a microfiber cloth for cleaning LCD screens.

Adhesive papers that remove dust pollution off the Eyelead gel stick.

R 125.00
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Has a dust-sticking rubber head that picks up dust and oil pollution.

R 700.00
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The Lenspen’s complete PhotoPro Kit will aid in keeping your lenses and optics clean, free from dust..

R 600.00

The Zeiss cleaning wipes can be used for anything from fingerprints and grains of sand to the smalle..

R 725.00
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The ZEISS Microfiber Cleaning Cloth provides premium cleaning for precision optics...

R 165.00

The Zeiss Pre-Moistened cleaning wipes can be used for anything from fingerprints and grains of sand..

R 145.00

Dust-Off Spray with Nozzle 300ml XL is available online and in store at Outdoorphoto...

R 440.00

A dry lens pen for cleaning finger marks and dust off lenses without the mess of liquids to apply.

R 190.00
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Safe cleaning solution for your camera kit from fingerprints, grease and dust.

R 245.00
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Lenspen MICROKLEAR MICROFIBRE CLOTH Deluxe Microfibre is available at Outdoorphoto..

R 165.00

LENSPEN RUBBER SIDEKICK (BLACK) available from Outdoorphoto..

R 280.00

Keep your optical surfaces (and, of course your phone screen) clean with our branded microfibre cloth made of soft, fine fabric.

R 50.00
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Softly wipe away dirt and smudges without damaging your equipment.

R 295.00
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Protection from finger prints and oil marks on your artwork, film and photos.

R 150.00
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Keep your display screens clean with the 30 pack Zeiss Display Cleaning Wipes.

R 100.00

Clean and maintain optical surfaces with Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray and microfibre lens cleaning cloth.

R 295.00

The Falcon Dust-Off Jumbo is available from Outdoorphoto..

R 670.00

5-in-1 Traveling Cleaning Kit is a professional camera lens cleaning kit. Great for cameras, lenses and binoculars.

R 260.00

Pixel Wipes Mobile Cleaning Kit 5ml helps keep your smartphone’s touchscreen clean and streak-free.

R 80.00
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The Falcon Dust-Off Plus Junior is available from Outdoorphoto..

R 260.00

A simple and reliable way of keeping your lenses, filters, glasses, phones, monitor screens and tablets clean.

R 240.00
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