The easiest way to get creative with pet photography is to change your perspective. This is because point of view (POV) tells a different story, inviting the viewer to connect with the photo on a different level.

1. Eye-level

Getting eye level with your pet will help you get a glimpse of the world from their perspective. Since they are normally much smaller and shorter than we are, this means that you will have to go down on your knees and shoot straight ahead. Having an incentive, such as a treat, will help make them look at you (and your lens). It will also help you focus on those puppy-dog eyes that make your heart melt. This POV is great for taking intimate pet portraits and family photos of owners with their dogs.

Photo of indoors cat lying on back in the sun
Photo of indoors cat lying on back in the sun
Photo of indoors cat lying on back in the sun

2. From below

Shooting from below during playtime is a great way to let your pet’s character shine! It is an uncommon perspective that proves great for taking photos of pouncing cats or jumping show dogs. Use a squeaky toy to elicit curious facial expressions and mannerisms as they play, paw or bow. If you have a waterproof camera such as the Olympus TG-6 or casing and your pet loves to swim, you could also dive in with them to capture exciting underwater shots.

Dog play with ball
Dog play with ball
Dog play with ball

3. From above

Shooting from above is the most common perspective and there are good reasons for it. It allows others to see your pet from your perspective and exaggerates their face-to-body ratio for an adorable shot. But, instead of staying at your eye level, you can get creative by shooting overhead to capture details such as a fluffy coat, curly tail or exposed underbelly. It’s also a great way to show them off when they are at their most comfortable.

Dog sleeping underneath blanket with nose and paw peeking out
Cuddling puppies
Dog looking up at owner while sitting on Autumn leaves
Pug pulling on rope toy

4. From behind

Shooting from behind is a brilliant method for storytelling as it allows viewers to immerse themselves in your pet’s perspective. You could go one step further by mounting your camera to your pet’s body for the ultimate “first-person” perspective as they enjoy their daily walk or adventure hike. Built for this purpose is the GoPro Fetch; a comfortable dog harness for all HERO cameras with two mounting locations, namely the chest and the back. It is fully adjustable to fit small, medium and large breed dogs from 7 to 54kg; and the chest mount is removable for smaller dogs.

Dog running on the beach

New perspectives, new opportunities

Finding new angles to photograph your pet from is exciting! Not only does it challenge you to get creative with pet photography, but provides more opportunity to strengthen your bond. And who knows – you may even find a new hobby to enjoy together!