Fujifilm definitely added some flavour and positivity to 2020 (which we all know has been full of challenges) by introducing us to their latest instant camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. The best thing about memories is making them and now you can make your memories bigger, better and more beautiful by capturing it with a stylish and colourful Instax Mini 11 camera.

Add some flavour to 2020 with the Instax Mini 11

Mini by name, mini by nature but not “mini” in features. What can you expect from the globally most popular instant camera?

Design & Process


Think blush pink, ice white, sky blue, lilac purple and charcoal grey – these are the colours of the new stylish Fujifilm instant camera.

Instax Mini 11


The Mini 11 sports a rounded body design that fits perfectly in the user’s hands and is small enough to fit in your bag. To make the Mini 11 look more fashionable, different materials are used around the lens than the rest of the camera body and the “Instax” brand logo is also engraved on the rear panel. Small indents can be found on the shutter button and on/off button which helps to locate them more easily.


The lens of the Mini 11 is labelled with a 60mm focal length, which in this format translates to around 34mm – this is a moderate wide-angle making it perfect to snap landscapes and buildings when you’re travelling and encounter an extraordinary place.

Instax Mini 11

Battery life

You will need two AA alkaline batteries, like the Energizer lithium AA batteries, which is a high-performing alternative to a standard alkaline battery that lasts longer. Two batteries will enable you to capture 100 moments or, in other words, 10 film packets.


  1. Turn the power on.
  2. Determine whether a pack film has been loaded by looking at the window on the rear panel. If it displays yellow, the film is loaded and if it’s black, it’s empty. You can also look at the counter at the bottom of the rear panel which displays the number of films left to print.
  3. If the cartridge is empty, open the rear door and load a new cartridge. Ensure that you align the yellow mark on the cartridge with the yellow mark on the camera.
  4. You won’t want to obstruct the built-in flash or the crucial auto exposure light and flashlight sensors both found above the lens.
  5. For accurate framing, position the ‘O’ seen in the middle through the viewfinder slightly up and right centre to your subject. When switching to landscape format (keeping the flash on top), then the ‘O’ should be positioned slightly to the upper left centre.
  6. The first print will be black, don’t panic! It’s just the protective cover.
  7. The whole process takes 90 seconds to prepare your printed memory.
Bright Photos Everywhere

The Mini 11 introduces an important upgrade to its exposure settings. Its Automatic Exposure mode adjusts the shutter speed and flashes output automatically to ensure you don’t waste money on film with low light or an overexposed image.

Instax Mini 11 photographers can now take mid- to low-light selfies or images with better lit backgrounds since the light of the flash actually reaches the background. The Mini 11’s auto-exposure also helps with bright outdoor scenes and handles brightness better than other Instax cameras – no need to remember to select a special mode like with the Mini 9 (Very Sunny, Sunny, Cloudy, Indoors and Hi Key).

On a more technical note, the shutter speed ranges from ½ – 1/250 sec, and the exposure from Lv 5.0 to 14.5 depending on the light present in the scene.

Bright backgrounds

Do you remember the separate attachable selfie lens that came with the Mini 9? Probably not, because you lost it or forgot it at home on every excursion! The Mini 11’s integrated #SelfieMode is definitely a huge upgrade and delivers the perfect selfie every time. All you have to do is pull out the front of the lens to set it to a distance of 30cm to 50cm away from your face, raise your arms high but aim low.

Capture memorable selfies/close-ups with three easy steps:


TIP: There is a slight shift between the viewfinder and the actual photo during close-ups and selfies, therefore aim just a little bit to the right of your subject.

New accessories

Customise your camera with the two included shutter button accessories and strap. If you are into bling, you have the option to use the shutter button that looks like a jewel and a second one that glows in the dark. How cool! Both accessories also match the colour of the camera.

Your hit ratio of usable pictures will definitely increase with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 in your hand and on your excursions!