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Benro SHD Circular Polarizer CPL Filter 72mm

The Benro SHD CPL Filter, meticulously crafted to enhance your photography experience. Designed to reduce polarized light, it effectively eliminates reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water and glass, while cutting through haze for images with heightened contrast and saturation.
Ideal for landscape and architectural photography, this filter boasts 16 layers of ULCA coating, developed in Germany, ensuring minimal reflectance and glare for superior image quality.

A Circular Polarizer (CPL) filter is designed to reduce polarized light rays and thus effectively remove reflection off non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass.  Reducing polarized light also means cutting out haze and atmospheric fog rendering images with higher contrast and deeper saturation.  A CPL filter is highly recommended for landscape photography (to attain better contrast and colour in the sky and water) and for architectural photography (to remove reflections from glass windows).

Benro SHD CPL Filters make use of high-quality optical glass and 16 layers of ULCA (ultra-low chromatic aberration) coating to ensure minimum reflectance and minimize glare, thus producing a better quality image with less contrast loss and higher saturation. ULCA Coating technology was developed in Germany by optical coating specialists. ULCA Coatings produce a uniform reflectance curve without bias toward any specific colour band, thus not disrupting the natural colour balance of the image.

Benro CPL filters are perfect for outdoor use as they are treated with waterproof multi-coatings (WMC) so moisture is repelled by the surface. This feature also makes them easy to clean.

This CPL filter is constructed of 1.6mm optical glass and a 3mm brass filter ring making it super-thin. Using brass in the ring ensures good structural integrity and strength.


72 mm
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  • Benro SHD Circular Polarizer CPL Filter 72mm
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