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All Badger Gear products are uniquely designed by our Outdoorphoto team and friends to fit the needs of our clients specifically. We focus on comfort, accessibility and longevity of the equipment. Most of our Badger Gear products are focused towards game viewing and making the process so easy that it takes nothing away from the amazing wildlife experience. Badger Photo Gear is committed to creating innovating gear that will make the lives of photographers easier so that they can focus on that which they love, taking photographs, instead of struggling with setting up gear and worrying about equipment being damaged while travelling.
Badger Gear B2 Flash adapter plate

The Badger gear B2 flash bracket is unique to Outdoorphoto and made especially with those who crave ..

R 525.00
In Stock
Badger Gear Blast Air Blower

The Badger Blast Air Blower is a powerful cleaning tool for all your photography equipment...

R 200.00
In Stock
Badger Gear Game Viewing Vehicle Pod

The GVP (Game Viewing Pod) is adjustably designed to be compatible with a wide range of game vie..

R 7,565.00
In Stock
Badger Gear Gaming Viewing Pod Extension

The Badger Gear GVP (Game Viewing Pod) Extension is used to lengthen the height of the Game Viewin..

R 455.00
In Stock
Badger Gear Swing Thing

The multi-rotating Swing Thing from Badger Gear connects between the tripod head and GVP (Game V..

R 3,025.00
In Stock
Badger Gear Snuggfit Bean Bag II (Filled)

The Badger Gear Snuggfit Bean Bag II has a good form and a solid base for working from your car..

R 500.00
In Stock
Badger Gear Snuggfit Bean Bag Mini (Filled)

This bean bag for camera support will make your heavy load a lot less and your experience easier and lighter.

R 435.00
In Stock
Badger Photo Gear Door Bracket

A tripod for your car. This door bracket allows you to have a kit set up in your vehicle.

R 3,525.00
In Stock
Badger Photo Gear Ground Pod

The Badger Gear Ground Pod is the ultimate support for ground-level bird and wildlife photography...

R 800.00
In Stock
Rental Badger Gear Snugfit Bean Bag II (Filled)

The Badger Gear Snugfit Bean Bag II has a good form and a solid base for working from your ca..

R 50.00 per day
Rental Gear
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