Atomos monitor-recorder hybrids let you unleash your DSLR or mirrorless camera's full potential by capturing 4K HDR / HD ProRes Video via HDMI and/or SDI inputs.

Atomos Shogun Flame 7-Inch 4K HDMI / 12G-SDI Recording Monitor

This 4K or HD ProRes solid state monitor is ideal for cinema, documentary & Indie filmmakers with HDR content delivery.

R 15,970.00
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Atomos Shogun Inferno 7-Inch 4K HDMI / Quad 3G-SDI / 12G-SDI Recording Monitor

Shogun Inferno combines award-winning HDR, high bright monitor with high res, high frame rate recording.

R 20,995.00
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Atomos Accessory Kit for Shogun / Ninja Inferno & Flame + Flight Case

Atomos Accessory Kits has what you need for a complete workflow with your Shogun / Ninja Inferno & Flame monitors / recorders.

R 5,535.00
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Atomos Ninja Blade 5-inch HDMI On-Camera Monitor & Recorder

Unleash your camera's full potential for professional video production with this portable HMDI field recorder.

R 7,995.00
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Atomos Ninja Flame 7-inch 4K HDMI Recording Monitor

The Atomos Ninja HDMI field recorder is built to be used with built-in armour, continuous power and lightweight design.

R 12,830.00
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Atomos Ninja Inferno 7-inch 4K HDMI Recording Monitor

Unlocking Hollywood Monitoring & Recording from any HDMI device with the Ninja Inferno 4K HDMI field recorder.

R 15,795.00
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Atomos Power Station

This dual battery system charges 3 times faster the conventional chargers & provides your camera with continuous power.

R 6,395.00
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Atomos Powered Docking Station with USB 3.0 & 2.0

This power docking station with USB 3.0 & 2.0 is an elegant addition to your PC desk & compact accessory to your travel bag.

R 1,195.00
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Atomos Samurai Blade 5-Inch SDI Monitor (Full Version)

This SDI monitor & recorder lets you shoot video directly from your professional SDI camera to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD.

R 7,995.00
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Atomos Shogun Studio 4K Monitor / Recorder 12G-SDI, HDMI

The Shogun Studio enhances existing HD workflows and provides an affordable rack mount solution for creating 4K Masters.

R 39,895.00
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Atomos Sumo 19-Inch HDR Recording Monitor

Enhance professional video workflows in both production and post-production.

R 47,995.00
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Atomos SUMO19M 19-Inch HDR Recording Monitor

The Atomos SUMO19M is designed to be instrumental in modern video workflows.

R 38,595.00
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Atomos Coiled Mini to Full HDMI Cable (30cm)

From 30cm (coiled) to 60cm (extended), this Atomos HDMI cables allow for neater cable management on the filmmaker’s rig.

R 450.00
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Atomos Coiled Mini to Full HDMI Cable (50cm)

Prevent clutter on your set with the Atomos 50cm coiled HDMI cable. It is 4K 60P, high-speed HDMI 2.0 and HDR Ready.

R 695.00
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Atomos Power Kit for Shogun / Ninja Inferno & Flame

The Atomos Power Kit includes 2x NP-F750 5200mAh batteries, charger & power adapter for Shogun/Ninja Inferno & Flame.

R 2,695.00
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Atomos Travel Case for Ninja Video Recorder

The Atomos Travel Case keeps your Ninja Video Recorder safe. Compatible with Shogun, Ninja Assassin and Blade Series.

R 4,795.00
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G-Technology Atomos 4K Master Caddy SSD (256GB)

The Atomos Master Caddy 4K contains a 256GB solid-state drive capable of recording and storing HD and 4K video.

R 2,545.00
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G-Technology Atomos 4K Master Caddy SSD (512GB)

The G-Technology Atomos 4K Master Caddy is an SSD for Atomos studio monitors with 256GB capacity.

R 4,045.00
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Atomos Full HDMI to HDMI Coiled Cable (30-45cm)

Coiled to prevent clutter, this 30 cm Full HDMI to HDMI cable can extend up to 45 cm.

R 450.00
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Sunhood for Atomos Sumo 19-Inch Monitor

The Atomos Sumo Sun Hood will block excess reflections from washing out the displayed image.

R 3,295.00
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