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RØDE Microphone & Audio Accessories

RØDE Microphones is the global powerhouse in providing professional audio equipment, from lav mics for on-the-go electronic news gathering (ENG), to easy smartphone recording and professional indoor and outdoor broadcast-quality recording. RØDE microphone accessories include standard and telescopic boom poles that help achieve a good sound-to-noise ratio.

RODE Dead Cat VMP Windshield available from Outdoorphoto..

R 595.00
Awaiting Stock

The RODE NTG2 is a lightweight condenser shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications ..

R 5,940.00

Professionally designed microphone from Rode that will help you create all of your film requirements with ease.

R 1,695.00
Awaiting Stock

RODE Video Microphone with Rycote available in store and online from Outdoorphoto...

R 2,895.00

Compact and lightweight by design, the RODE VideoMic GO delivers clear, crisp, directional audio wit..

R 1,895.00

The RODE VideoMic Pro is a true shotgun microphone designed as a source of primary and reference aud..

R 5,895.00

The RODE VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone exhibits excellent sound quality at an extremely af..

R 1,595.00
Awaiting Stock

An ultra-compact wireless microphone with 2.4 GHz built-in transmission that clips on.

R 5,695.00
Awaiting Stock

The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit Wireless Lavalier Microphone System is ideal for recording voice during i..

R 8,995.00

Ideal for professional applications within the film, video, television and production industries.

R 5,195.00

The RØDE Pro Long Shotgun Microphone is for professional use in film, television, ENG and high-resolution broadcast audio.

R 17,495.00
Awaiting Stock

Great for capturing high-quality audio when shooting videos, films or documentaries.

R 16,495.00

A high-quality directional microphone for smartphones for incredible audio when shooting video.

R 1,595.00

Perfect for vlogging or anyone that wants to take their videos to the next level.

R 2,300.00
Awaiting Stock

Provides quality sound in a compact camera-mount mic that requires no additional adapters to work.

R 7,995.00
Awaiting Stock

A true shotgun mic for camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio.

R 7,195.00

A digital wireless system for ENG using series II 2.4 GHz digital transmission and 128-bit encryption.

R 9,995.00

The pro RØDE Boompole for NTG1, NTG2 and Video Microphones is for location recording made from lightweight aluminium.

R 2,850.00
Awaiting Stock

The RØDE Boompole (2m) provides ultimate performance in a convenient and portable size ideal for video and ENG.

R 2,540.00

Record high-quality audio wirelessly with a lapel mic perfectly suited for the Wireless GO.

R 2,015.00
Awaiting Stock

The RØDE Micro Boompole provides ultimate boom pole performance in a convenient and portable size.

R 1,130.00

Greatly reduces handling and wind noise.

R 5,775.00

The Dead Cat windshield is designed for minimising any wind noise when recording in high wind condit..

R 865.00

The RODE Deadcat Artificial Fur Wind Shield is designed to minimise wind noise...

R 895.00

The very first microphone to feature an in-built battery.

R 7,395.00
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