Carl Zeiss Binoculars

The Zeiss Conquest 10x42 features in the middle of the range and with High Definition optical glass and a largest-in-its-class field or view, it offers great value for money. Buy this model if you are concerned about excellent optical quality but have a slightly tighter budget. The Zeiss Conquest does not compromise and is an excellent pair of binoculars, great for birdwatching and general game viewing.

The Zeiss Victory Binoculars feature at the top of the range with a superb light transmission rate of 92% - among the highest on the market - providing bright and detailed images. If you like to have the absolute best optical quality and image brightness, the Zeiss Victory is the model for you. It is available in 8x42, 10x42, 10x32 and 8x32. The Victory pocket version is also available as a compact option.

For the enthusiast, we recommend the Zeiss Terra binoculars. They feature Schott ED glass for bright, sharp images. With a rugged design, an excellent close focus distance of only 1.6m, a wide field of view and a very affordable price, this model is a great choice for anyone who loves nature.

If you're looking for a quality Zeiss Spotting Scope, the Zeiss Victory Harpia options are made for you. It offers an entirely new experience for birders and nature enthusiasts that require a crisp and clear wide-angle view.

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