Mount your heavy DSLR and long, telephotoTELEPHOTOA lens with long focal length capable of making distant objects appear nearer thus larger. Essentially, it isolates and magnifies the subject so that it appears as a full image when shooting from a distance. Telephoto lenses are ideal for photographing subjects that are further away, such as wildlife and sports photography. lens (300mm f/2.8 lens or larger) on a Wimberley gimbal head for feather-light handling, ideal for the serious nature enthusiasts. Whether you are using the Wimberley Sidekick that converts your ball head into a gimbal head in seconds; the compact and lightweight Sidemount Wimberley Head, or the WH-200 Wimberley Head Version II (Wimberley Gimbal Head ll) known as the industry standard for serious nature photographers, Wimberley gimbal mounts are easy to use and will help you balance your camera and lens effortlessly.

Wimberley Head Version II Sidemount Head

The new Sidemount Wimberley Head is a lighter, more compact alternative to the full Wimberley Head a..

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Wimberley Sidekick

At 1.3 pounds and small enough to be easily packed, the Sidekick converts y..

R 4,495.00
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Wimberley WH-200 Gimbal Head Version II

The Wimberley Head is a specialized tripod head for telephoto lenses. Its gimbal-type design allows ..

R 10,695.00
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