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Wilderness Dreaming

Packed with adventure, humour and true-story campfire tales, Wilderness Dreaming is an endearingly honest memoir of one photographer’s unforgettable quest for his own lost Africa. Greg du Toit talks about his fascinating life of decades as an African Wildlife Photographer, as well as his incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences like photographing lions from the middle of a watering hole.

Extract from the book:

Gazing down, I see the Great Rift Valley sprawled across Africa. In its vastness, my waterhole is a mere puddle, with a barely perceptible dot in the middle of it. That dot is me. I am all alone and suffering the close attention of two lionesses, whose flattened ears and twitching tails speak volumes. Is this how...

Greg’s story

Wilderness Dreaming chronicles the adventurous life of one of Africa’s most acclaimed wildlife photographers. As a young boy, Greg du Toit falls in love with the mysterious sounds, mesmerising creatures and heady aromas of the South African bush. At 18 and fresh out of school, his obsession catapults him away from the rat race of his childhood suburbs, and into the Africa of his dreams. It takes qualifying as a safari guide and surviving a buffalo charge while seeking out a reclusive forest bird, for Greg to find his life’s calling: photographing the alluring animals of a hauntingly beautiful continent. His journey takes him to Kenya where living alongside the Maasai, he discovers a secret waterhole. Next, Greg sets out on a photographer’s definitive quest to capture a corner of his lost Africa, where humans and free-ranging wildlife still co-exist. An exhilarating memoir, Greg’s story brings to life an Africa with much wildness left to celebrate — and one photographer’s place in it.

  • 440 pages
  • Paperback with 36 illustrations
  • Size: 232 x 156 mm

More about the author

African Wildlife Photographer

As an African wildlife photographer, Greg believes in the raw beauty of Africa and in the power for photography to give wild animals a voice. His photographs are intimate moments that he has experienced in wild Africa and as such no bait, camera traps, digital manipulation or captive-bred animals are used in his work. See his wildlife prints website and read more about his fine art wildlife prints.

South African Author

Greg has resided in 4 African countries and led private guided safaris in a further 15. He is the author of multiple books. His original Africa coffee table book, entitled ‘AWE’, is a portfolio of his work in Africa and contains a decade’s worth of imagery. This book is now a valuable collector’s item. ‘Photo tips – Getting It Right In Camera’ is a how-to book for wildlife photographers.

Wilderness Dreaming – Memoir of a Wildlife Photographer was first printed in Nov 2022. Greg is currently working on another coffee-table book title, keep visiting his Africa coffee-table book page for updates.

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