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The popular Waeco PP152 inverter features a completely new outfit, top technology and additional comfort features. It is particularly light and compact weighing only 840 g. This inverter turns 12- or 24-volt DC battery output into a sine-wave-like 230 V alternating current, which is fully adequate for a multitude of applications - the most popular being running AC appliances like small fridges, microwave ovens or phone chargers off battery power while camping. The new inverter generation demonstrates great potential. It features adjustable clip-on mounts allowing perfect adaptation to individual needs. For those who are looking for extra comfort and prefer activating their inverter from the dashboard there is an additional outlet for an external switch. The PP152 inverter is suitable for appliances with PFC control and features reverse pole protection by exchangeable fuses. Connects with 12 or 24 V cigarette lighter plug.

The PP152 has a 150 Watt continuous power output and 350 Watt maximum (which can be sustained for short periods of time). Take note that a modified sine wave output may be harmful to sensitive electronic equipment. For these kind of devices a pure sine wave inverter is recommended.


Input Voltage
12 volts DC (11 - 15 volts) or 24 volts DC (22 - 30 volts)
Output Voltage and Form
230 volts AC / modified sine wave
Output Frequency
50 Hz
No-load Current
0.25 A
Continuous Output
150 Watt
Peak Output
350 Watt
Fan Cooled
Up to 90%
129 x 71 x 177 mm

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