We know that camera movement affects the story you are telling, thus sliders and jibs allow you to choose the shot that is best for your story. Such tools provide fluid movement for professional-looking motion pictures. Browse our selection of video rigs, sliders and stabiliser to find your trusted steed.

Benro C08D9 MoveOver8 Dual Carbon Rail Video Slider

Create smooth linear cinematic sliding effects with this dual carbon video slider that supports two tripods & two light stands.

R 8,795.00
In Stock
Benro MCT48AF Aluminium Video Monopod + S6 Video Head

A video monopod with a unique 3-leg base that converts to a low angle tripod/hi-hat.

R 6,695.00
In Stock
Zhiyun Crane 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser + Servo Follow Focus

Elevate your production value with the Crane 2 gimbal for DSLR cameras.

R 10,495.00
Awaiting Stock
Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab Creator Package

Includes the Crane 3 Lab gimbal and dedicated accessories that allow for an optimal workflow.

R 16,395.00
Awaiting Stock
Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser

Take your videography to the next level with 360° roll shots.

R 12,995.00
In Stock
Zhiyun Weebill Lab Gimbal Handheld Stabiliser

Small, compact and jam-packed with all of the latest stabilisation technology filmmakers are crazy for.

R 5,795.00
Awaiting Stock
Benro MoveOver12 Dual Carbon Rail Slider with Flywheel

Benro MoveOver Video Systems help you produce smooth and stable videos no matter how complicated the operation is.

R 10,995.00
In Stock
Benro MoveUp4 Travel Aluminium Jib

This jib arm can hold cameras weighing up to 4 kg and extend them from 48.4" up to a max height of 72.8".

R 8,595.00
In Stock
DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser

This 3-axis gimbal corrects very fine movements as you move so you can shoot handheld without the shake.

R 17,995.00
Awaiting Stock
DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser

This gimbal is suitable for mounting on the Matric 600 aerial platform & deployment closer to the ground.

R 24,700.00
Awaiting Stock
DJI Ronin-S Gimbal Stabiliser

Be ready to capture all the action single-handedly with the compact and powerful DJI Ronin-S.

R 13,395.00
In Stock
DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabiliser

Designed for stabilising small mirrorless cameras under 2.2 kg.

R 6,295.00
Awaiting Stock
DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabiliser Pro Combo Kit

Designed for stabilising small mirrorless cameras up to 2.2 kg.

R 10,595.00
Awaiting Stock
Gloxy Movie Maker Camera Stabiliser (Black)

Get great video footage with excellent stabilization with this Gloxy Grip Movie Maker.

R 450.00
In Stock
Gloxy Movie Maker Stabiliser Handle (Light Blue)

The Gloxy Movie Maker stabiliser handle enables you to create smooth handheld footage.

R 450.00
Awaiting Stock
Manfrotto Camera Cage (Medium)

Maximise your video production capabilities with more space, better mobility and improved stability.

R 7,495.00
In Stock
Sirui VTJ-1.8 Video Travel Jib

This Sirui Video Travel Jib 1.8 is perfect for any photographer looking to create smooth panoramic images.

R 10,080.00
Awaiting Stock
Syrp Genie II Linear Time-Lapse Controller

Genie II Linear is stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor with the same simplicity and portability.

R 15,450.00
In Stock
Syrp Magic Carpet Short Track Slider Kit

This sturdy slider allows for professional, smooth tracking movements when shooting video or time-lapse photography.

R 4,995.00
Awaiting Stock
Zhiyun Weebill Lab Creator Accessories

Everything you need to get started with your Zhiyun Weebill Lab.

R 3,595.00
In Stock
Zhiyun Weebill Lab Master Accessories

A quick-setup solution to enhance your Weebill Lab experience.

R 5,850.00
In Stock
Zhiyun-Tech Crane-M2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser

A compact and versatile gimbal compatible with multiple-devices.

R 4,395.00
Awaiting Stock
JJC Hot Shoe to 1/4" Mount Adaptor

Attaches to Camera Hot Shoe.

R 195.00
Awaiting Stock
Joby Gorillapod Rig

This rig becomes a portable studio for DSLR & mirrorless cameras.

R 2,450.00
Awaiting Stock
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