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Video Microphones, Microphone Accessories & Digital Recorders

This category includes all video microphones for sale from Outdoorphoto. It has become very popular to shoot video on DSLR cameras and although the video quality is great, the audio often suffers because of the low quality of built-in microphones. This has made DSLR hotshoe mics a necessity. Rode, Sennheiser and Hahnel are the brands of microphones we stock. All of these brands manufacture very high quality video microphones with good resolution of detail and low-cut filters for cutting out wind-noise. As the name suggests, DSLR hotshoe mics fit onto the hotshoe of the camera making it perfect for use during on-location shooting or for shooting interviews.

This category also includes various shotgun mics as well as studio-quality standalone audio recorders.

A stylish high-resolution portable audio recorder with wireless listening & remote control.

R 6,495.00

An easy-to-use wireless microphone for recording to cameras, camcorders or mobile devices.

R 3,850.00

Lightweight - ideal for use over long periods of time. Foldable design for easy storage.

R 915.00
Only 1 available in Store

HD 200 PRO Studio Headphones are made to fit comfortably, produces powerful sound reproduction.

R 1,795.00

Active noise-cancelling headphones with soft, padded, comfortable ear-cups.

R 1,295.00

An easy-to-use, versatile stereo digital audio recorder that fits into the palm of your hand.

R 2,395.00
Only 1 available in Store

This portable audio recorder is ideal for electronic news gathering, location videography and live concert recording.

R 7,495.00

The Benro RAMC1 is built to give you a compact design, light weight and easy to carry product.

R 295.00
In Stock

Increase your sound quality and reduce unwanted noise for your Android devices.

R 1,050.00

Increase your sound quality and reduce unwanted noise for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

R 1,050.00

Record your videos and reduce unwanted noise while shooting with your smartphone.

R 2,395.00

Capture high-quality sound for interviews, blogs, presentations and more.

R 780.00

Reduce unwanted background noise with the Boya BY-M3 Clip-On Lavalier Microphone with USB-C Connection.

R 780.00

Condenser microphone produces superb sound quality for videos. Compatible with Windows and Mac.

R 2,295.00

Vlogger and Youtubers audio-video kit for recording indoor or outdoor on your smartphone.

R 1,355.00

Smartphone video kit well-suited to vlogging, podcasting, recording at home and more.

R 1,795.00

Clip-on lapel microphone for smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders and more.

R 560.00

This microphone offers real plug-and-play design, which means no battery is required to operate the mic.

R 650.00

The lavalier microphone with an omni pickup pattern for full 360-degree coverage.

R 370.00
Only 2 available in Store

From the stage to the home studio, this bundle gives you the tools to always sound your best.

R 8,895.00
Only 1 available in Store

Make quality mixes in the comfort of your home with this 2-channel recording & monitoring solution.

R 15,395.00
Only 1 available in Store

The pro RØDE Boompole for NTG1, NTG2 and Video Microphones is for location recording made from lightweight aluminium.

R 2,850.00

The RØDE Boompole (2m) provides ultimate performance in a convenient and portable size ideal for video and ENG.

R 2,540.00

Record high-quality audio wirelessly with a lapel mic perfectly suited for the Wireless GO.

R 1,995.00

The RØDE Micro Boompole provides ultimate boom pole performance in a convenient and portable size.

R 1,130.00
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