Tripods & Support Systems

The B2 Double Action Ballhead uses magnesium alloy components for better performance and lighter wei..

R 2,295.00

Benro B series Ball head + PU-60 Plate B-3 available from Outdoorphoto..

R 3,355.00

The product is designed especially for smartphone or GoPro photography.

R 575.00

Create smooth linear cinematic sliding effects with this dual carbon video slider that supports two tripods & two light stands.

R 8,795.00

Benro FGP28C Go Plus Travel Tripod provides lightweight, compact stability and support.

R 7,495.00

Offer precision control of camera movement that is ideal for studio still life and landscape photographers.

R 4,090.00
Awaiting Stock

Aluminium alloy material, light and affordable.

R 2,895.00

An Arca-Type Compatible Action Ball Head.

R 1,255.00

Converts to a fully-functioning monopod in just seconds!

R 2,695.00

The Benro KH25 Aluminium Tripod is available from Outdoorphoto..

R 4,895.00

This tripod can be used on hard surfaces.

R 4,795.00

A classic monopod to be your trusted support system when you go on a photographic journey.

R 1,255.00

A video monopod with a unique 3-leg base that converts to a low angle tripod/hi-hat.

R 6,995.00

Lightweight enough to carry around in your backpack and sturdy enough to support heavy telephoto lenses.

R 1,995.00

Benro Carbon Fibre Monopod is a durable, reliable and lightweight monopod for heavy telephoto lenses.

R 2,195.00

This Benro MP-B150T L-Bracket allows you to shoot horizontally and vertically without moving your tripod head.

R 1,360.00

The LP85K Replacement Foot from Benro is a replacement for the Nikon stock lens foot...

R 1,600.00

Features a slender and lightweight profile for easy transport, yet is able to support heavier setups up to 2.5 kg.

R 3,145.00

Lightweight enough to carry around in your backpack and sturdy enough to support heavy telephoto lenses.

R 7,495.00

lets you frame your shots easily and freely - quickly position your camera weighing up to 2.5kg.

R 2,895.00
Awaiting Stock

Mount to your tripod for smooth, precise subject-tracking motion. Supports setups up to 9kg.

R 47,995.00
Awaiting Stock

Drastically improve the quality of your shots with this smart app-controlled jib that fits in an Edelkrone backpack.

R 20,695.40 R 22,495.00

A manually-controlled compact slider designed for use with camcorders, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras.

R 6,995.00 R 7,595.00

Have the ultimate wildlife adventure without worrying about the safety of your gear with this versatile Gimpro Door Mount II.

R 8,950.00

Gimpro Specialised Photography Equipment is perfect for Wildlife Photography.

R 7,250.00
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