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Video Tripods

Video tripods are fitted with pan (horizontal) and tilt (vertical) heads, including extendable arm/s that allow you to pan and tilt your video camera smoothly, thereby minimising shake for professional, top-quality videos. In essence, video tripods allow precise control over camera movement.

Its durable, yet lightweight carbon fibre / aluminium construction promises a stable and portable video tripod that is ideal for studio applications, live broadcasts, independent films and even those sought-after momentous wedding videos.

The most mind-blowing feature on this Benro A3573FS6 tripod has to be the ease of set-up thanks to t..

R 7,240.00

The Benro A573TBS8 Video Tripod Kit is a complete tripod system ideal for video rigs weighing up to ..

R 10,495.00

The Benro A673TGH8 video tripod kit is perfect for more professional videographic use. Supports up t..

R 19,195.00

This lightweight video tripod kit is ideal for camera payloads up to 4kg.

R 12,995.00
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The N12 fluid head offers smooth pan and tilt motion while the aluminium twin leg tripod offers great stability.

R 18,895.00

The Benro KH25 Aluminium Tripod is available from Outdoorphoto..

R 4,895.00

Features a slender and lightweight profile for easy transport, yet is able to support heavier setups up to 2.5 kg.

R 3,145.00

Lightweight and secure aluminium video tripod and head kit that supports a weight of up to 5kg.

R 7,195.00

Featuring Manfrotto’s patented bridging technology.

R 12,395.00

This Manfrotto 504HD video fluid head kit allows you to become the professional videographer you know you really are.

R 16,995.00

Compact aluminium tripod kit designed for travelling; ideal for mobile uses such as vlogging.

R 5,395.00

Nitrotech N8 fluid video head supports a maximum payload of 8 kg and features a safety lock system.

R 18,995.00

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Fluid Head and 536 Carbon Fibre tripod kit is ideal for professional videographers

R 21,695.00

Nitrotech N8 fluid head ensures smooth panning and tilting while the 546B tripod offers great stability.

R 19,395.00

This versatile tripod is quick, simple and smooth to set up thanks to quick release locking systems.

R 5,495.00

This Benro Tripod Dolly allows you to easily move your tripod around when shooting photos and video.

R 3,985.00
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