Video tripods are fitted with pan (horizontal) and tilt (vertical) heads, including extendable arm/s that allow you to pan and tilt your video camera smoothly, thereby minimising shake for professional, top-quality videos. In essence, video tripods allow precise control over camera movement.

Its durable, yet lightweight carbon fibre / aluminium construction promises a stable and portable video tripod that is ideal for studio applications, live broadcasts, independent films and even those sought-after momentous wedding videos.

Benro A3573FS6 Video Tripod Kit

After a lot of research and years of developing video rigs and equipment, Benro developed a produc..

R 6,995.00
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Benro A573TBS8 Aluminium Video Tripod Kit with S8 Video Head

The Benro A573TBS8 Video Tripod Kit is a complete tripod system ideal for studio appli..

R 9,000.00
In Stock
Benro A673TGH8 Aluminium Video Tripod Kit with H8 Video Head

The Benro A673TGH8 video tripod kit is perfect for more professional videographic or cinematogra..

R 16,500.00
In Stock
Benro KH25 Aluminium Tripod

Aluminium Tripod Sliding QR PlateFixed Pan and Tilt Drag60mm Leveling BallTwo-Stage Tripod with Mid..

R 3,650.00
In Stock
Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Head + 546GB Video Tripod + Bag

This Manfrotto 504HD video fluid head kit allows you to become the professional videographer you know you really are.

R 19,395.00
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