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Benro A38T Series 3 Aluminium Video Monopod with S2 Head

Includes a 3-Leg Locking Based and S2 Video Head for a versatile still or video camera support system.

R 3,860.00
Only 2 available in Store
Gitzo Series 2 Carbon 6-section Traveler Monopod

Durable and strong, this monopod designed for travelers will keep your gear safe while you are on the road.

R 5,195.00
Off-site Warehouse

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Monopod (Black)

The Compact Monopod Advanced is ideal to work perfectly with entry level DSLRs with standard zoom le..

R 915.00
Only 2 available in Store

Manfrotto Compact Monopod Pink

Manfrotto’s Compact Monopod sold here at Outdoorphoto is an ultra-lightweight, compact monopod suita..

R 370.00
Only 1 available in Store

Manfrotto XPRO Over Aluminium 4-section Monopod

This monopod is designed to support heavy photographic gear supporting up to 8kg, yet it's still compact, lightweight and sturdy.

R 2,295.00
Awaiting Stock
3 Legged Thing Alan 2.0 Professional Carbon Fibre Monopod

Alan 2.0 is an updated pro monopod for taking action, sports & event photos and videos.

R 2,245.00 R 2,995.00
Only 4 available in Store
3 Legged Thing Punks Trent Monopod + Docz2 Foot Stabiliser (Grey)

A heavy-duty 4-section monopod that can hold most large telephoto lens setups up to 30 kg.

R 2,595.00
Awaiting Stock

Benro MAD49A Adventure Series 4 Aluminium Monopod

Fast & Easy Flip Lever Lock Design.

R 1,685.00
In Stock

Benro MMA49C Twist Lock Carbon Fibre Monopod

A sturdy and lightweight choice.

R 3,195.00
In Stock
Benro MPA40A ProAngel Monopod

Lightweight support for the professional photographer who requires added stability when shooting in crowded places.

R 1,685.00
Awaiting Stock
Benro Adventure Series 3 Flip Lock Carbon Fibre Monopod

Quick flip leg locks make for a lightweight and easy to use monopod.

R 2,495.00
In Stock
Benro MAD38A Adventure Aluminium Monopod

A classic monopod to be your trusted support system when you go on a photographic journey.

R 1,445.00
Only 4 available in Store
Benro MCT48AF Aluminium Video Monopod with S6 Video Head

A video monopod with a unique 3-leg base that converts to a low angle tripod/hi-hat.

R 7,995.00
Awaiting Stock
Benro MMA28C MACH3 Series 2 Carbon Fibre Monopod

Lightweight enough to carry around in your backpack and sturdy enough to support heavy telephoto lenses.

R 2,295.00
Only 3 available in Store
Benro MMA38C MACH3 Series 3 Carbon Fibre Monopod

Benro Carbon Fibre Monopod is a durable, reliable and lightweight monopod for heavy telephoto lenses.

R 2,695.00
Only 4 available in Store
Benro MSD46C SupaDupa Carbon Fibre Monopod

This travel companion holds up to 40kg camera gear and allows you to adjust the height from 45.5cm-183cm.

R 2,595.00
In Stock
Benro MSD46C SupaDupa Carbon Fibre Monopod + Levelling Pan Head

This travel companion holds up to 32kg camera gear and allows you to adjust the height from 48.5-158cm.

R 3,995.00
In Stock

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