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This category features a large range of Tripod Heads for Sale from Outdoorphoto. In general Ball Heads are the most versatile and work great for most applications. However, sometimes you require a tripod head designed for a specific use.

Gimbal heads are designed to be used with long, heavy telephotoTELEPHOTOA lens with long focal length capable of making distant objects appear nearer thus larger. Essentially, it isolates and magnifies the subject so that it appears as a full image when shooting from a distance. Telephoto lenses are ideal for photographing subjects that are further away, such as wildlife and sports photography. lenses. They keep the lens’s center of mass over the tripod, creating an almost weightless feel and thus easing panning and tilting.

In our Video Heads category you will find heads designed for use with video cameras. These provide considerably smoother panning - some with additional drag adjustment features as well.

When shooting panoramic photos you will require a very special Panoramic Head to pull it off with any success. In our Panoramic Heads category you will find some excellent heads from Nodal Ninja, designed for this use.

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