Keep your camera steady with our specialised game viewing pods, which help you position your gear where you need it, whether from a game viewing vehicle, or on the ground ideal for bird and wildlife photography.

The Badger Gear GVP (Game Viewing Pod) is used much as a monopod but just provides much more stabili..

R 7,565.00
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The Badger Gear GVP (Game Viewing Pod) Extension is used to lengthen the height of the Game Viewing ..

R 455.00
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The multi-rotating Swing Thing from Badger Gear connects between the tripod and GVP (Game Viewing Po..

R 3,025.00
In Stock

The ultimate support for ground-level bird and wildlife photography.

R 800.00
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Get the ultimate comfortable safari journey thanks to the strong and durable GimPro Game Viewer Arm Kit.

R 13,095.00
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This base set will make birding with long lenses easy and comfortable by providing your gear with extra support.

R 495.00
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