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Tourbox Neo with Travel Case Bundle

The TourBox NEO is a one-handed, eye-free controller for creators ensured to revolutionise creative workflows. With customisable controls, seamless editing, and dedicated features for photo editing and colour grading, it's ideal for video editing, post-processing, and 3D modelling.

  • Customisable Control: Easily map shortcuts in TourBox Console.
  • Seamless Editing: Three speed modes for intuitive responsiveness.
  • Efficient Post-Processing: Streamline editing in major software.
  • Dedicated Colour Grading: Simplify complex interfaces with TourMenu.
  • Macro Commands: One-click batch editing and more.
  • Real-Time HUD: Interactive on-screen reminders.
  • Multi-Dimensional Input: Smooth control for various tasks.
    Experience 'One-Hand, Eye-Free' control with TourBox NEO for simplified, efficient creative work across applications.

Tourbox Neo with Travel Case Bundle


Unique control mechanism, highly customisable freedom, diverse button forms, and multi-dimensional input methods...all these form the unique one-handed eye-free control.
Use the knob for timeline control, easy color grading, canvas rotation, and brush adjustment. Fully customise keyboard and mouse shortcuts, plugins, and macros. Also, utilise TourBox's unique TourMenu to create a dedicated colour grading panel and simplify complex native software interfaces.

TourBox NEO + TourBox Console

Customise your TourBox freely in TourBox Console. Simplify, streamline, and enhance your creative process.

Not Just Mapping Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts!

Whether it's Shift+Alt+Ctrl+X or keyboard plus mouse, any complex shortcut can be mapped to TourBox!

Seamless Video & Audio Editing

Intuitive Responsiveness Highly Aligned Input and Editing Actions

3 Different Speed Modes

Knobs, dials, and scrolls come with fast, medium, and slow speed modes, allowing for flexible switching based on different scenarios and editing habits.

Seamless One-Handed Editing

Mark in/out points, previous/next segments, scroll through, fine-tune, trim, delete, undo, redo, and more, all seamlessly done with one hand.

Configured Built-In Feature for Variable Timeline Movement

Different from the uniform movement of a keyboard, the built-in acceleration algorithm allows the timeline to move according to the hand speed. Fast twists mean fast movement; slow twists mean slow movement.


Configure Your Workspace with TourMenu


Create Footage Folders, Through Macros with a Single Click

More Applications

  • Quickly Establish Color Grading Nodes
  • Efficient Colour Grading, Bid Farewell to Dragging
  • Convenient Volume Adjustment

Experience New Editing Styles Quickly

Utilise a variety of default preset templates and user presets, ready to use. It will automatically switch to the corresponding preset based on the software you're using.

Enhancing Efficiency in Photography Post-Processing

Eyes on Colour Changes Only

All Parameter Sliders, Just One Knob Needed

Quickly switch sliders using different buttons, and gently turn the knob to change parameters.

Unique H/S/L Plugin Panel

Click, scroll, twist.
Say goodbye to complex searching, and create a simple and easy creative environment.

Reshape Color Grading Process with TourMenu

Select commonly used parameters for TourMenu to create a dedicated colour grading panel!

Configure Built-In Function to Apply Filter Presets to PhotosWhether default filters or custom ones, they can be set on TourBox for one-touch access.
Use Macro for One-Click Batch Colour Grading

More Applications

Mark Keywords Without Typing on Keyboard

Simplify Layer Management

Efficiently and Easily Complete Post-Processing Work

In Lightroom Classic, Capture One, Camera Raw, Photoshop, and Affinity Photo, using TourBox to simplify every step of photo editing and significantly enhance efficiency and creative experience.

One Knob Handles All Brush Adjustments

Personalise Tool Drawer with TourMenu
Set frequently-used tools on TourMenu for easy one-click access and scroll selection; also accessible via mouse clicks.

Smooth Layer Management with Built-in FunctionsEasily manage various layer adjustments, such as curves, hue saturation, colour balance, and customisable colours, accessible and adjustable through personalised panels with a simple one-click action.
Automate Line Art Extraction with Macro Command
Fewer Actions, Higher Efficiency
Utilising hand-tracking technology, we measured the movement of Green322's left hand during art creation(who is a professional illustrator), and visually displayed it in a digital format.
TourBox + Graphics Tablet
Total painting time: 79.5min
Total track length (left hand): 213.4m
Total track length (right hand): 413.9m
Keyboard + Graphics Tablet
Total painting time: 219.5min
Total track length (left hand): 470.5m
Total track length (right hand): 1154.3m
Until the time of measurement, Green322 had been using TourBox for less than three months.
Using both the keyboard and TourBox to draw the same picture; first using TourBox, then the keyboard.
More Applications
3D Model Manipulation
Quick Tool Switching
Rapid Brush Selection
Whether using Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, or Medibang, you can not only access official and user-shared presets but also create custom presets adapted to your workflow preferences.
Real-Time HUD,
Easy to Use on the Go!
No Need to Memorise!
Pin the interactive HUD on the screen. Enjoy real-time reminders for commands throughout the creative process, no need to memorise!
Just Remind Me of Some Commands
The Genral HUD allows you to display selected commands and place them anywhere on the screen for easy access.
Only D-Pad Commands Prompts Needed?
D-pad HUD occupies less space on the sscreen, and shows the relevant commands when you press the Top button, Side button, or any other button that has a combined action with the D-pad.
It's a Smart HUD!
When the mouse moves over the HUD area, it automatically reduces opacity. You can also adjust the opacity manually.
Genuine 'One-Hand, Eye-Free' Control
Unparalleled Smooth Management
Multi-Dimensional Input Actions


TourBox NEO
370 g
Power Supply
5V-50mA, 250mW
Operating Temperature
Windows 7 or higher MacOS 10.11 or higher
R 2,795 Awaiting Stock
Payment plans available
Delivery Truck Free Standard shipping included. Faster options available

What's in the box

  • Tourbox Neo with Travel Case Bundle
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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