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Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System

Experience unparalleled control over camera movements with the Float stabilising system, ideal for pairing with the DJI Ronin 4D camera. Switch seamlessly between the Float arm and a Manfrotto tripod head for versatile shooting options. Compatible with the Tilta Float stabilising arm, this adjustable system offers flexible angle adjustments for optimal camera balance and composition.

  • Uses Standard Manfrotto QR Plate
  • Works with DJI Ronin 4D
  • Lightweight Vest Redistributes Weight

This kit ensures a comfortable handheld shooting experience, redistributing weight for extended operation. Ideal for supporting the DJI Ronin 4D and other camera systems, the Tilta Float Kit enhances stability and comfort for prolonged shooting sessions, offering unparalleled control and stability for a seamless handheld look.

Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System

Flexible Movements

Working with the Float stabilising system allows cinematographers to gain full control of their camera movement.

Perfect Pairing

It’s a perfect pairing with the DJI Ronin 4D camera. The Float stabilising arm supports efficient weight distribution and helps you produce high quality images.

Quickly Switch

Quickly switch between the Float stabilising arm and a Manfrotto tripod head.

Compatible with Tilta Float

The adapter stabilising arm has a 13mm diameter which is compatible with the Tilta Float stabilising arm as well as any other systems that use a 13mm diameter.


The adjustable ball head allows for flexible angle adjustments to help you achieve the ultimate camera balance and composition.

This variation of the original Tilta Float Kit is specifically designed for supporting cameras in handheld configurations without an RS2 Gimbal. This kit includes the Support Vest, Stabilising Arm and Carrying Case from the original kit, and features the new Manfrotto Adapter specifically for handheld rigging.
This Adapter allows you to mount your camera system directly to the Tilta Float Stabilising Arm which offers a more controlled and comfortable handheld shooting experience. This adapter uses a standard sized Manfrotto plate, which allows you to quickly switch between compatible Manfrotto tripod heads and the Tilta Float Arm.
This Adapter was developed in collaboration with our DJI Ecosystem User Group’s modification expert, Vaho Mat, who has been helping users of our fast growing community expand the functionality of their RS2 rigs. This kit is the perfect option for supporting the DJI Ronin 4D, allowing you to better stabilise and comfortably operate the camera longer, all while taking full advantage of the 4D’s built in stabilisation. This adapter can also be used for other camera systems as it offers support for more comfortable handheld shooting over longer periods of time. The spring-loaded stabilising arm and support vest are designed to redistribute the weight closer to your body, allowing you to operate the rig longer than traditional handheld setups. The Lower Back Support provides additional weight distribution ensuring comfortable operation over any duration.
This new handheld focused Tilta Float Kit will allow you to take full advantage of the Float Arm for additional comfort while operating and increased stability while producing an organic handheld look.


88.9 x 4.54 x 8.16 cm
21.77 kg
Net weight: 7.48 kg
Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, carbon fibre, plastic, and nylon fabric
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What's in the box

  • Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System
    • Tilta Manfrotto Quick Release Plate Adaptor for Float Stabilising Arm
    • Support Vest
    • System Arm
    • Carrying Case
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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