Let's face it, these roller bags are not the most affordable bags out there, but there is a reason for that. Think Tank Photo, which is defined as an idea-producing organisation, perfectly describes their mission as creating inventive new carrying solutions for their clients. Every day since their conception in 2005,  Think Tank Photo has created a string of innovations, like these astonishing rolling camera cases,  unmatched by many competitors.

Think Tank's rolling cases are one of a kind. They are made to be extra strong providing your gear with ample protection against external damage. The bags have more than enough space for all your gear and several other accessories so you do not have to worry about leaving anything behind while you are travelling on a new adventure.

Think Tank is committed to providing their clients with exceptional ways of travelling with their gear hassle-free and these roller bags are an excellent example of their commitment. Now you can go ahead and buy your Think Tank roller camera bag here online.

Think Tank Airport International Bag V3.0

Travel with all your gear secured in one place. Ideal for use as a carry-on.

R 7,865.00
In Stock
Think Tank Airport Navigator Rolling Camera Bag

The Think Tank Airport Navigator is a high quality dual access roller with top and front openings fo..

R 5,795.00
In Stock
Think Tank Airport Roller Derby

The Airport Roller Derby by Think Tank is an easily maneuverable roller bag with enhanced weight d..

R 7,380.00
In Stock
Think tank Airport Security V3.0

The Airport Security V3.0 has TSA-approved zipper locks for the main compartment, and a high-strengt..

R 9,475.00
In Stock
Think Tank Video transport 18 camera bag

Travel by plane or other methods with larger camera bodies and related gear thanks to the well-desig..

R 8,760.00
In Stock
Think Tank Airport Advantage Rolling Camera Bag

Small & compact enough for use a carry-on luggage. Incl laptop pocket & wheels for easy boarding when travelling.

R 5,195.00
In Stock
Think Tank Airport TakeOff V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag (Black)

Protect your beloved gear while traveling with this Think Tank Airport TakeOff V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag (Black).

R 6,855.00
In Stock
Think Tank StreetWalker V2.0 Rolling Camera Backpack (Black)

Doubling as a backpack or roller bag this Think Tank StreetWalker V2.0 Rolling Backpack is the ultimate traveling bag.

R 6,495.00
In Stock
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