Protecting your lens while travelling is always a major concern. It is, after all, some of your most expensive and important gear. Luckily Think Tank has you covered. Your smaller lens pouches are easily accessible and will keep your gear protected without taking up too much of your valuable space. The bigger lens bags have ample protections and are designed to be hassle-free, with easy zipper pocket systems and attachable straps in all the right places these bags will make travelling with your gear a breeze.

Let Think Tank protect your gear so you can focus on the more important things, like getting that perfect shot of a fish eagle as it dips down towards the river. Buy your lens bag here now online and have that peace of mind that all your equipment is taken care of thanks to Think Tank's commitment to excellent products.

Think Tank Black Glass Limo Bag

Think Tank specifically designed the Glass Limo Bag for the longer lenses, with its narrow and lig..

R 4,395.00
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Think Tank Glass Taxi

The convertible backpack/shoulder bag adapts to your personal needs and is the ideal bag for you..

R 3,495.00
In Stock
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