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Syrp Genie Time Lapse Controller

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Syrp Genie Time Lapse Controller

We are so excited about this product, which will help you take your time-lapse to the next level.

It’s Simple, it’s Portable… it’s Genie.

Brand: Syrp
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We are so excited about this product, which will help you take your time-lapse to the next level.
It’s Simple, it’s Portable… it’s Genie.
The Genie is an extremely portable and extremely easy to use motion control device that will help you create even better Time Lapse Photography and real-time video footage.
Before we get into more detail let’s just first focus on the Genie’s features.

Compact, portable and extremely easy to use
The Genie is a simple, portable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control time-lapse and real-time video.
It’s compact form factor and simple menu means you spend less time on the technical setup of your shot and more time on creating amazing footage and better films.

Its universal design allows the Genie to be used with all of your existing equipment and professional gear.  Set the Genie up on a tripod for smooth panning shots and start shooting motion control with the press of just a few buttons.
The Genie can work with an unlimited number of third party sliders or dollies. Adding motion control to your existing kit means you don’t have to buy expensive integrated systems and you can easily expand your gear bag and still have options for motion control, making it useful for a lifetime.

Along with all your professional gear, the Genie is also compatible with DIY equipment. So you can build your own Cable Cam or Jib Arm from your local Builders Warehouse. You can even attach the Genie to a skateboard and shoot time-lapses over a 100meters!
Its unique drive system means you’re no longer limited by the length of your slider; meaning the Genie can travel much further than other motion control systems.

Unlike other motion control equipment the Genie fits inside your regular camera bag and is ready to go on your every-day shoot.
The all-in-one design removes the need for external batteries, controllers or wires, saving you time and energy on-location with minimal setup.

The Genie is extremely easy to use and includes factory pre-sets so you can start shooting straight out of the box with virtually no technical expertise required. With the press of just a few buttons you can be filming amazing time-lapses like stars, people or clouds.
For more experienced users the Genie can be setup manually, set your recording parameters and then save it into the menu as a pre-set to free up precious on-location time at your next shoot.

Features Include

In time-lapse mode the Genie performs a move-shoot-move function allowing your camera to come to a complete standstill before firing the shutter. Simply attach the Genie to a tripod, slider or other equipment and then set to move and shoot to your programmed setting. Alternatively, choose a factory pre-set straight out of the box to get started.

Real-time Video
In video mode the Genie moves at a perfectly smooth continuous speed. This takes away any room for human error by providing accurate panning or tracking shots that are often impossible to obtain manually. Use the Genie on a slider in this mode to repeat back and forward for a one-man-crew setup or on a tripod for slow precise video pans.

Factory Pre-sets
The Genie is beginner time-lapse friendly. Each unit ships with factory pre-sets that take away any initial complication you may have over time-lapse settings. With a click of a few buttons you can be taking amazing time-lapses such as clouds, people or stars.

User Programmed Pre-sets
When programming your settings manually, the Genie allows you to save your settings as a pre-set so that you can easily revert back to them on your next shoot, leaving you more time to concentrate on the creativity of your shot rather than your setup.

Ease In/Out
The ease in, ease out feature allows you to ramp your movement at the beginning and end of your time-lapse or video move. Once set, the movement will slowly rise up to your desired speed at the start of your shot and gradually dampen down at the end before coming to a complete stop.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a process used in imaging and photography to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. Once setup on your camera the Genie is capable of performing HDR Time-lapse by triggering multiple exposures between each step in a time-lapse sequence.

Bulb Ramping
Bulb Ramping enables you to capture time-lapses that span across sunrises or sunsets. These sequences are difficult to capture as the light is changing drastically during the time-lapse. To compensate the Genie will set the start and the end shutter speeds and change the values accordingly so that the entire scene is correctly exposed.

Auto Start
The Auto Start feature allows you to program the Genie to start recording at a specific point in time. Simply set the time and date you’d like your recording to start or set a countdown timer in hours/min/secs to begin your recording. You can also program the Genie to repeat the time-lapse after the recording has finished or in video mode, run the same shot over and over and use it as a one-man-crew setup.

The Genie is one of the most compatible motion control devices on earth! Connect to your camera via the Syrp Link cable supplied with the Genie or our IR cable which triggers your camera via infrared. The Genie connects with almost every DSLR as well as mirror-less cameras and some video cameras. For fully compatibility list pleas check the Syrp website.

Technical Specifications

Maximum speeds in video mode:
Linear – 100cm / 25sec
Panning – 360 degrees / 8sec

Li-on 11.1V
Charge time is 4 hours
Battery life is more than 24hours in the time-lapse mode* and more than 6 hours in video mode.**

* Based on 3660 degrees movement with photos taken at 10 second intervals
** Based on full speed continuous rotation

Power Supply:
Input – 240/220 50/60hz AC
Output – 15V 1.5A DC

USB Port (Firmware updating)
2.5mm Camera remote port(link cable)
3.5mm Sensor port (IR emitter)
15V DC input (Charging port)

102 x 102 x 102mm

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What’s in the box?

  • 1x Genie
  • 1x Panning Mount
  • 1x Slider Mount
  • 1x International Wall Charger
  • 2x Slider Mounts
  • 1 x 3m high-performance rope

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