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Faansie’s Bird Book For Kids

  • Faansie’s Bird Book For Kids

A radical new approach, with minimal text and maximum fun. Faansie’s Bird Book covers every single bird that occurs regularly in South Africa.

  • Covers 722 species in total.
  • Every bird in South Africa, not just a few common or obvious ones.
  • No super rare vagrants or species that occur only outside South Africa’s borders.
  • Short and fun family introductions, but no long and boring texts for all the species.
  • Birds are divided into 12 logical groups, like Swimmers, Flyers, Runners and Perchers. Easy!
  • Tick the bird right there on the plate! Each counts a different number of points in the Bird Nerd Game.
  • Loads of useful “Top Tips” and fascinating “did-you-know” boxes, plus ridiculous “micro-facts”.
  • Questions and challenges to make it interactive (the answers are in the back)

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