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Flash & Strobist Accessories

A good photographer knows how to play with light to illuminate their subject, which is why we have various flash and strobe accessories for sale, including MagMod colour filters and pattern sets, bounce modifiers, flash extenders and brackets, soft boxes, speed mounts and shoots to name a few. 

Whatever your studio needs, browse through our range of flash and strobist accessories for practical additions to your studio equipment toolbox.


The MagMod MagBox Speedring for Elinchrom adapts your light to accept the magnetic MagBox.

R 750.00 R 995.00

The MagMod MagBox Speedring for Profoto adapts your light to accept the magnetic MagBox.

R 895.00 R 1,195.00

Nikon AS-15 HOT-SHOE SYNC TERMINAL available from Outdoorpohoto..

R 600.00

Strong, durable protective cap for Profoto B10 AirTTL Studio Light.

R 1,095.00

A light stand adapter and umbrella holder for the Profoto B10. Quick to attach and detach.

R 2,075.00

The Canon Macrolite Adapter 58mm is for adapting your lens to a Canon Macro Ring...

R 240.00

The Fresnel Lens is the heart of the Better Beamer Flash Extenders. If your lens is scratched or dam..

R 120.00
Awaiting Stock

Achieve beautiful soft lighting with this collapsible flash diffuser. It fits most shoe-mounted flashes.

R 1,475.00

LightBlade Diffuser softens harsh light from speedlights, minimizes shadows and reduces glare while ..

R 445.00

Get amazing new lighting effects in your studio with the Godox Barndoor Kit with 4 Colour Gels.

R 745.00

The Lastolite Joe McNally White Ezybox Hotshoe is ideal for location shoots, provoding sufficient so..

R 2,580.00

This Lastolite Tilthead Spigot is a safe and secure way to mount any light fixture or accessory with..

R 595.00

The Trigrip Bracket is ideal for the solo photographer who needs an extra hand to hold anything from..

R 1,830.00

The Lastolite Joe McNally Triflash Tilthead Bracket is the latest addition to our expansive triflash..

R 1,490.00
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