Photographic lighting equipment and accessories help you improve in-studio and outdoor lighting conditions, especially in demanding lighting situations. For this reason, Outdoorphoto has various diffusers, light modifiers and reflectors for sale. Our expert selection includes soft boxes (with or without grids), reflectors, umbrellas, scrims, beauty dishes, ring flash adapters, and light modifiers.

Accepts Elinchrom umbrellas or others up to 105cm with a 7mm shaft. Compatible with Elinchrom deflectors

R 525.00
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Limits the spread of light and gives a sharp-edged light reflection in glass.

R 2,075.00
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Lastolite Skylite Rapid Griphead available from Outdoorphoto..

R 1,195.00
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The Lastolite Triflector Kit is widely used in fashion and portrait photography to create distinctiv..

R 3,695.00
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Never get caught out again, up to 8 surfaces in the same bag, the TriFlips are designed to increase ..

R 2,290.00
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The Phottix Luna Mount for Bowens (152mm) is made from high-grade material to withstand the demands ..

R 360.00
In Stock

This Phottix Speed Ring enables Luna Softboxes and Globe Diffuser to be mounted on Elinchrom studio lights.

R 395.00
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