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Diffusers, Light Modifiers & Reflectors

Photographic lighting equipment and accessories help you improve in-studio and outdoor lighting conditions, especially in demanding lighting situations. For this reason, Outdoorphoto has various diffusers, light modifiers and reflectors for sale. Our expert selection includes soft boxes (with or without grids), reflectors, umbrellas, scrims, beauty dishes, ring flash adapters, and light modifiers.

It is the more affordable choice and also offers the user a choice between shoot-through or reflective.

R 1,085.00

Use this for extreme light control on small areas of your subject.

R 1,350.00
Awaiting Stock

These sets are perfect for close-ups in beauty and portrait work.

R 7,085.00

The grid narrows the beam angle of the reflectors.

R 2,690.00

The grid controls spill light and narrows the beam of the light source for creative control.

R 3,495.00

"Light up" your studio photography with this 95cm Octagon Softbox with Honeycomb Grid from Godox.

R 1,845.00

These versatile fabrics fro backdrops makes taking the perfect studio shots that much easier.

R 1,115.00

This pro lighting filters pack includes strong and vibrant colours for more intense colour combinations that you can cut to size.

R 580.00
Awaiting Stock

Provides several options for shaping and softening your LitraStudio light's output.

R 2,795.00
Awaiting Stock

Functions like a combination of a grid and a lens to modify the softbox's beam spread.

R 2,195.00

Add of touch of colour and flair with polycarbonate gels for use with the MagBox 24 Octa Softbox.

R 1,175.00

Assists in converting your speedlight‘s daylight colour balance to tungsten or to warm or cool its quality of light.

R 1,175.00

Add vivid colour to your work with 8 polycarbonate gels for use with the MagBox 24 Octa Softbox.

R 1,175.00

Folds down to a fraction of its open size making it easier transport and store.

R 1,695.00

Opens like an umbrella with a centralised metal joint.

R 2,995.00
Awaiting Stock

Lower exposure and soften your light with this umbrella-like flash diffuser light softbox from Phottix.

R 3,250.00
Awaiting Stock

Opens like an umbrella with a centralised metal joint.

R 3,095.00
Awaiting Stock

A parabolic softbox with a reflective silver interior.

R 2,470.00
Awaiting Stock

This Profoto Honeycomb Grid for Beauty Dish controls light spread to bring contrast to final images.

R 6,670.00
Awaiting Stock

The diffuser softens the quality of light produced by the reflector.

R 950.00

A patented, durable bayonet locking system provides positive instant mounting.

R 1,895.00
Awaiting Stock

Helps prevent lens flare when the softbox is aimed towards your camera.

R 1,485.00

Get more light control in just minutes.

R 785.00

Elinchrom offers a range of superbly designed reflectors, compatible with the entire Elinchrom studio system.

R 2,395.00

The grid narrows the head's beam spread and contains spill light.

R 1,350.00
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