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Phottix White Reflective Studio Umbrella 101cm

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Phottix White Reflective Studio Umbrella 101cm
Brand: Phottix
Product Code: PLPH85370
R 580.00

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The Phottix Reflective Studio Umbrella has a black exterior with a white interior and is 101cm in diameter. Photographic Umbrellas are used to modify your light source and tend to be a more affordable, portable and lightweight option to soften light. Reflective Studio Umbrellas are used to create softer highlights as well as diffuse the shadows; they also broaden the range of which the light is spread to cover a larger scene or subject. White reflective umbrellas deliver a softer light than silver umbrellas and highlights are more diffused and less specular in nature. Umbrellas provide you with nearly infinite lighting possibilities, while being easy to use, set up and store, they will be a great addition to your photographic collection. The Phottix White Reflective Studio Umbrella is compatible with all studio lighting setups (except Elinchrom monolights).


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