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Stands & Support Systems

Use studio support systems to make mounting your studio accessories trouble-free. Sturdy support keeps your overhead equipment safe and secure while giving you room to move around to capture that prize-winning shot. Whether you need to mount a studio light, speedlight flash, umbrella, soft box or even a microphone, browse through our various studio support accessories to fin the stand that works for you. These include background support stands, C-stands, center mounts, umbrella and flash brackets and even a versatile ball head allowing you to mount it on your camera’s hot shoe to hold an LCD or other video accessories. 

The Manfrotto 1004BAC Alu Master is an Air-Cushioned Light Stand, perfect for use in the photographi..

R 2,295.00

The Manfrotto Double Articulated Arm has three adjustable sections..

R 885.00

The Phottix Light Stand MKII (190cm) is a lightweight support that rises to a height of 6.23’ and fo..

R 640.00

​The better choice for the professional photographer, the Phottix Professional Light C-Stand and boo..

R 5,570.00

Acting as your personal assistant, this circular reflector holder includes a reflector arm and universal swivel.

R 840.00

The Phottix Varo Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder is made from Aluminium and has a metal flash clamp. Tilt..

R 595.00

Modify your natural light source.

R 3,200.00

Ideal travelling backdrop kit solution for studio photography with muslin backdrops.

R 2,245.00

lets you frame your shots easily and freely - quickly position your camera weighing up to 2.5kg.

R 2,895.00
Awaiting Stock

This convertible boom stand is just the thing for you if you are an innovative and creative photographer.

R 3,780.00

Compact and lightweight, this light stand is perfect for in-studio or on-location.

R 700.00

Attaches to the HeadONE motorised pan system and spins to turn products on it for 360° product photography.

R 1,495.00 R 1,595.00

Generic Umbrella and Flash Bracket (Type H) available from Outdoorphoto..

R 400.00

It's perfect for off-camera flash units, is easy to use and set up and can support up to 1.5kg

R 1,040.00

It easily disassembles and fits in a handy travel bag. Take your studio backdrops with you on location.

R 2,580.00

Add that extra to your C-stand and get the best studio photography experience.

R 270.00

Capture interactive 360º rotative video that is smooth and professional looking using the Syrp Turntable.

R 1,520.00

Designed to support and position any studio light head as well as speedlight flashes.

R 2,850.00
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