Use studio support systems to make mounting your studio accessories trouble-free. Sturdy support keeps your overhead equipment safe and secure while giving you room to move around to capture that prize-winning shot. Whether you need to mount a studio light, speedlight flash, umbrella, soft box or even a microphone, browse through our various studio support accessories to fin the stand that works for you. These include background support stands, C-stands, center mounts, umbrella and flash brackets and even a versatile ball head allowing you to mount it on your camera’s hot shoe to hold an LCD or other video accessories. 

Generic Spigot for Light stand

Generic Spigot for Light stand ..

R 80.00
Awaiting Stock
Godox Background Stand Kit

The Godox retractable background stand includes a convenient carrying bag. The Maximum Height i..

R 2,245.00
In Stock
GR Background Support Manual Triple Axle

This Triple Axle manual background support is easy to mount, it can be mounted to ceiling, wall or a..

R 1,515.00
Awaiting Stock
Manfrotto 1004BAC Alu Master Air-Cushioned Light Stand

The Manfrotto Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stand is a lightweight support with an impressive lo..

R 2,330.00
In Stock
Manfrotto Single Articulated Arm (3 Sections)

The Manfrotto Double Articulated Arm has three adjustable sections. The 396 Series of arms is more r..

R 885.00
Awaiting Stock
Phottix Light Stand MKII (190cm)

The Light Stand for Studio Flash from Phottix is a lightweight support that rises to a height of 6.2..

R 640.00
Awaiting Stock
Phottix Professional Light C-Stand and Boom (extends up to 380cm)

Stainless Steel SupportThe better choice for the professional photographer, the Phottix Profession..

R 5,570.00
In Stock
Phottix Reflector Holder H (Arm & Universal Swivel)

Acting as your personal assistant, this circular reflector holder includes a reflector arm and universal swivel.

R 840.00
In Stock
Phottix Varo Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder

Use your umbrellas anywhere Umbrellas are the perfect tools for shooting portraits on location or..

R 595.00
In Stock
Professional C-Stand with Boom

The Professional's ChoiceThe ultimate light stand - the professional's choice. Made from stainless s..

R 2,520.00
Awaiting Stock
Backdrop Stand Kit 300 (h) x 360 (w)

Max Height - 300cm Max Width - 360cm 4 piece crossbar Complete with carry bag ..

R 1,865.00
Awaiting Stock
Generic Black Light Stand 225cm

Lightweight Light Stand for small to medium sized studio lights. ..

R 400.00
Awaiting Stock
Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand

2 x Stands 1 x Crossbar Set (5 piece) Carry Bag Max height 390cm Max width 450c..

R 2,120.00
Awaiting Stock
Hylow Professional Light C-Stand and Boom

Modify your natural light source.

R 3,200.00
Awaiting Stock
Godox Studio Light Stand 210 cm

Whether you are a professional or do photography as a hobby, this light stand will always be there to support your gear.

R 685.00
In Stock
Manfrotto 420B Combi-Boom Stand (Aluminium) + Sandbag

This convertible boom stand is just the thing for you if you are an innovative and creative photographer.

R 3,780.00
Awaiting Stock
Generic Umbrella and Flash Bracket (Type H)

Ideal for mounting a single speedlight onto a lightstand for strobist type of work on location. ..

R 400.00
In Stock
Phottix Saldo 200 Compact Light Stand (200 cm)

It's perfect for off-camera flash units, is easy to use and set up and can support up to 1.5kg

R 1,040.00
In Stock
Phottix Saldo Backdrop Stand Kit (2.8 x 3.2m)

It easily disassembles and fits in a handy travel bag. Take your studio backdrops with you on location.

R 2,580.00
In Stock
Spigot for c-stand (145mm)

Add that extra to your C-stand and get the best studio photography experience.

R 270.00
Awaiting Stock
Syrp Product Photography Turntable

Capture interactive 360º rotative video that is smooth and professional looking using the Syrp Turntable.

R 1,395.00
Awaiting Stock
Elinchrom 2 Light Stand Set

Designed to support and position any studio light head as well as speedlight flashes.

R 2,850.00
Awaiting Stock
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