Use studio support systems to make mounting your studio accessories trouble-free. Sturdy support keeps your overhead equipment safe and secure while giving you room to move around to capture that prize-winning shot. Whether you need to mount a studio light, speedlight flash, umbrella, soft box or even a microphone, browse through our various studio support accessories to fin the stand that works for you. These include background support stands, C-stands, center mounts, umbrella and flash brackets and even a versatile ball head allowing you to mount it on your camera’s hot shoe to hold an LCD or other video accessories. 

Elinchrom 2 Light Stand Set

Sturdy SupportThe Enlinchrom 30101 Light Stand is designed to support and position any studio light ..

R 2,535.00
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Generic Spigot for Light stand

Generic Spigot for Light stand ..

R 80.00
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Generic Umbrella and Flash Bracket (Type H)

Ideal for mounting a single speedlight onto a lightstand for strobist type of work on location. ..

R 400.00
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Godox Background Stand Kit

The Godox retractable background stand includes a convenient carrying bag. The Maximum Height i..

R 2,230.00
In Stock
Manfrotto 1004BAC Alu Master Air-Cushioned Light Stand

The Manfrotto Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stand is a lightweight support with an impressive lo..

R 2,745.00
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Manfrotto Single Articulated Arm (3 Sections)

The Manfrotto Double Articulated Arm has three adjustable sections. The 396 Series of arms is more r..

R 1,225.00
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Phottix Light Stand MKII (190cm)

The Light Stand for Studio Flash from Phottix is a lightweight support that rises to a height of 6.2..

R 420.00
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Phottix Professional Light C-Stand and Boom (extends up to 380cm)

Stainless Steel SupportThe better choice for the professional photographer, the Phottix Profession..

R 5,935.00
In Stock
Phottix Reflector Holder H (Arm & Universal Swivel)

Acting as your personal assistant, this circular reflector holder includes a reflector arm and universal swivel.

R 800.00
In Stock
Phottix Varo Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder

Use your umbrellas anywhere Umbrellas are the perfect tools for shooting portraits on location or..

R 500.00
In Stock
Professional C-Stand with Boom

The Professional's ChoiceThe ultimate light stand - the professional's choice. Made from stainless s..

R 2,500.00
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Visico LS-5001 Boom Stand with Counterweight Sandbag

Support soft boxes or grids on monolightsThe Visico LS-5001 Boom Stand is an extremely sturdy, all..

R 1,460.00
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Visico VS-B300 Manual Wall-mounted Background System

The Visico VS-B300 Manual Wall-mounted Background System is a triple axle system that allows you to ..

R 1,500.00
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Backdrop Stand Kit 300 (h) x 360 (w)

Max Height - 300cm Max Width - 360cm 4 piece crossbar Complete with carry bag ..

R 1,850.00
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Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand

2 x Stands 1 x Crossbar Set (5 piece) Carry Bag Max height 390cm Max width 450c..

R 2,100.00
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Godox Studio Light Stand 210 cm

Whether you are a professional or do photography as a hobby, this light stand will always be there to support your gear.

R 600.00
In Stock
Manfrotto 420B Combi-Boom Stand (Aluminium) + Sandbag

This convertible boom stand is just the thing for you if you are an innovative and creative photographer.

R 5,415.00
In Stock
Phottix Saldo 200 Compact Light Stand (200 cm)

It's perfect for off-camera flash units, is easy to use and set up and can support up to 1.5kg

R 690.00
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