Lighting brackets and fittings are standard equipment in any photographer’s gear bag. Clamps, hot shoe mounts and trifle brackets give a helping hand to solo photographers, which make getting that perfect shot even easier.

Generic Pony Grip (6 Clamp Set)

Equip your Gear BagThis Generic Pony Clamp has a multitude of uses - holding reflectors, gobos, pr..

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Lastolite Joe McNally Triflash Tilthead Bracket

This Triflash Tilthead Bracket is the latest addition to Lastolite's expansive triflas..

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Lastolite Skylite Rapid Floor Bracket

Reliable Performance in Windy ConditionsThe Lastolite Floor Bracket for Skylite enables the panel fr..

R 445.00
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Lastolite Tilthead Spigot

This is a Tilthead Spigot by Lastolite. It is a safe and secure way to mount any light fixture or..

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Lume Cube Hot Shoe Mount

Sometimes you need a little help from a friend.  It might come in the form of a hot shot assist..

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Phottix Luna Mount for Bowens (152mm)

Designed to be easily mounted and rotated, this Phottix Speed Ring enables Luna Softboxes and Glob..

R 325.00
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Phottix Varo Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder

Use your umbrellas anywhere Umbrellas are the perfect tools for shooting portraits on location or..

R 500.00
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Frio Universal Locking Cold Shoe V2.0

The frio's patented DualLock system ensures that your valuable equipment is securely mounted. The pa..

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