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Lighting Brackets & Fittings

Lighting brackets and fittings are standard equipment in any photographer’s gear bag. Clamps, hot shoe mounts and trifle brackets give a helping hand to solo photographers, which make getting that perfect shot even easier.

The Phottix Speed Ring for Bowens Mounts allows you to use the Phottix softboxes to a studio light w..

R 560.00

The Phottix Speed Ring for Profoto Mounts allows the use of Phottix regular or 2 in 1 series softbox..

R 1,830.00

The Phottix 82973 Speed Ring is specifically designed for Phottix Luna softboxes and beauty dishes a..

R 420.00

The Phottix Varo Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder is made from Aluminium and has a metal flash clamp. Tilt..

R 595.00

Profoto’s speed ring is compact and lightweight making it such a user friendly and mobile tool...

R 2,095.00

The MagRing is a magnetic, user-friendly speedring, which forms part of MagMod's flash modifier system.

R 1,195.00 R 1,395.00

The ergonomic MagShoe cold-shoe bracket can be operated with one hand and works with any flash.

R 895.00 R 1,065.00

Lets you use any accessory in the Elinchrom line or any other EL accessory on Quadra flash heads.

R 2,150.00

This speed ring is not compatible with the Quadra softbox.

R 655.00

More compact and portable than the original S-type bracket and adjustable to fit most speedlites.

R 575.00

The Lume Cube Hot Shoe Mount simply and easily mounts onto just about any camera or light stand. Ava..

R 485.00

The MagMod Protection Case is travel-friendly & semi-padded with a hard top and bottom.

R 1,795.00 R 2,095.00

This Elinchrom Litemotiv bracket is the perfect match for Broncolor Pulso.

R 6,195.00

This bracket provides easy positioning of your light.

R 5,295.00

A functional and robust solution which offers precise positioning for Profoto users.

R 7,195.00

You're only one step away from a real first-class softbox.

R 2,195.00

The speed ring design has also been consolidated to one ring that all 11 Rotalux shapes can be built off of.

R 1,045.00

Sturdy metal construction for added durability.

R 585.00

Lightweight speedring for lights Rotalux rectangular and strip softboxes.

R 585.00

Attaches to Camera Hot Shoe.

R 195.00

Feature backstops for greater security when attaching accessories.

R 500.00

The Lastolite Floor Bracket for Skylite enables the panel frame to stand alone without a stand for s..

R 450.00

Colour-coded softbox pole sockets for quick assembly.

R 2,840.00

The high-quality RFi Speedrings are used for mounting RFi Softboxes.

R 2,840.00

This Rotolight hot shoe male adapter makes mounting more versatile and easy!

R 245.00
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