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Calibrite ColorChecker Video

The Calibrite ColorChecker Video is a two-sided colour calibration tool that allows you to achieve more consistent results, quicker, and with more ease. Although designed for the professional, non-professionals can also benefit from using this tool.

  • Combination Color Chip Chart & Grayscale
  • 60% White Balance Card
  • For Production & Post-Production
  • Sized for Studio and Location Work

The ColorChecker can be used during production to set camera white balance among different cameras or varying lighting environments. Recording the chart can speed up balancing the colour of multiple shots in post-production, leaving you more time to work on creative choices.

The included colour calibration chart contains an updated design philosophy from the standard charts that were developed for print and still photo work. The grayscale provides white, black, dark grey, and 40 IRE exposure patches, allowing you to adjust your lighting to protect highlights from clipping while maintaining detail in the shadow areas. The colour chips on the side of the grayscale contain columns of targets, which display vertically on a waveform monitor, for improved readability. The white target is a 60% target, providing an even brightness that makes setting white balance consistent across different lighting conditions. The chart is large enough to fill your frame in close-ups or be visible in a wide shot.

Grayscale and Chip Target

The chip chart has been simplified and redesigned to be more meaningful. It features a combination grayscale chart with four horizontal strips: white, 40 IRE, dark grey, and black. These four stripes allow you to set your lighting and exposure, providing an objective white, black grey and skin tone target that you can use to adjust your camera's exposure and balance out any colour cast in the camera or in post-production. In addition to the grayscale targets, the chart includes vertical skin tone targets, a seven-step grayscale, and saturated and de-saturated chromatic colours. With the chromatic chips lined up vertically, the chip chart renders neatly on a vectorscope and waveform monitor, as opposed to a standard chip chart that displays wildly. 

White Balance Target

Creating in-camera white balance helps to start at a neutral point for all images you capture. Balancing your footage to a consistent colour balance makes editing go smoother, and is less jarring when cutting from one shot to the next. The consistent colour balance can also speed up the colour correction, and with the increased speed and ease, you may find yourself with more time and energy to explore creative colour choices.

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What's in the box

  • Calibrite ColorChecker Video
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Please note that the photographic equipment is for display purposes only.

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It Works great

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This is a great product. Using this with my Canon video camera and Davinci resolve.

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